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What age to neuter male?

Kojo is 4.5 months and starting mounting behavior. I don't want this to become a habit. He grabs onto my arm with front paws standing on his rear legs but not my legs yet. At what age did ya'll neuter your males?
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I neutered mine early at about 5 1/2 months because we had some scheduling issues and it increased our daycare options. Our puppy really started doing it a lot in just the few weeks before the procedure. Thereís really know way to know if neutering helped or not because a huge part of it is really just puppy excitement and how itís managed. I always just moved him and stopped playing. I canít even remember the last time he did it, he responded pretty quickly to redirection and eventually it stopped altogether. A lot of people donít care as long as the dog isnít bothering a person, but mine never tried to jump on a toy or furniture or anything. Iíve only see him try with another dog once, with his daycare bff he hadnít seen in a long time. They were both going crazy but when the person working told them ďdownĒ he listened right away and they started playing chase again.

I know the recommendation is to wait if you can. Next time I do plan to wait.
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My vet would rather wait until about 8 months so can pull any remaining baby teeth under same anesthesia. I will see how long I can tolerate his embarrassing behavior. For now he is not humping. And some mounting can be a way to assert dominance rather than sexualized behavior.

At what age did any of your males start lifting leg to urinate?
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My male Hav is the least dominant dog ever and he humped out of excited energy, not sexualized. I don’t really remember him just mounting without humping very often. It always seemed he jumped right to it, very quick and impulsive to me, and someone intervened just as fast. For example, when the whole family was playing with him and he was so happy he couldn’t contain himself. Even during the worst of it he stopped right away if someone moved him and stopped playing for a moment.

Mine started marking around 4 months I think, I know it was early enough I didn’t catch on. I need to keep track of some of this better because I’m forgetting! It was confusing because he was really on a roll with potty training and I then I found pee behind my bedroom door. Fortunately it resolved pretty quickly. He did not lift his leg at all until after a year and even then it was quite the effort. My kids told me about it first, and it was hysterical the first time I saw it! His leg would sort of shake with the effort. I’m not really sure why, because it’s not like he can’t balance on 3 legs for other things! He only lifts his leg to mark every once in a while, but when he does there is great pride in it. He can mark as much as his little heart desires - as long as it’s outside!

Every dog is different so I’m sure you’ll hear lots of different experiences. Regardless of what you decide, there are lots of ways to manage those behaviors so you have time to decide what you want without feeling pressure.

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Hmmm. So I want to wait to neuter Oliver. We had a traumatic experience with him injuring his paw a while back, and it’s just fully healed. I can’t handle the thought of putting him through surgery. I was hoping to wait till end of summer.

As far as leg lifting, he’s 6 months and he hasn’t done it yet, that I’ve seen. I’m so paranoid he will do this because we JUST got potty training down. But even outside he squats. No humping yet either. Oh the fun that lies ahead! Lol.
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Kodi was 2 before he marked AT ALL. And that was only outside, in appropriate places. He has twice in his life marked indoors. Both time where other dogs have previously marked, in a breeders home. (and LONG after he was neutered). Both of mygirls do more marking than Kodi. But again, it is done outside.

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Loki didn't lift his leg until he was well over a year old. He squats when he really pees and only lifts his leg to mark. He has never marked in the house - only outside. We live in an area with lots of dogs so walks can be slow when I am in the mood to let him mark every bush and pole. I swear that half the time nothing comes out. He doesn't try to hump people, the furniture, his toys, or initiate humping with other dogs and I didn't have him neutered until he was a year old. The only time I have seen him hump is with his Havi friend, Java. She starts it and he will hump back. But they are clueless. He will try humping from the side, her head, etc. It is almost comical.

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5.5 month...I think

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Skye is almost 9 months old now. He has one little friend that he tries to mount every time he is with her. Other than that he has not shown any humping behavior. He has free run of the house and on a couple of occasions he marked just inside bedrooms doors. I cleaned it immediately and he has not marked anywhere for a couple of months now.

The only other dog we have had in our family was a large mixed breed that lived to be over 16. We had to live with the damage that we did to him with neutering him at 6 months old. He had a ruptured CCL which is very common in large breed dogs neutered before reaching maturity. I don't know if his liver problems were related to the early neutering or just old age.The evidence of damage caused by early neutering is pretty plain in large breed dogs. Not so clear in smaller dogs.

Dr. Karen Becker has some strong opinions against early neutering and neutering in general. I think you have to take what she says with a grain of salt because she is associated with a company that is selling supplements. But what she says about castration having unknown and possible harmful effects on the endocrine system does make sense. Especially if done before reaching sexual and physical maturity.

Skye's breeder has the common requirement to spay/neuter by 6 months old. After explaining my concerns and requesting an extension to 1year old she extended it to 18 months. I have talked with his Vet about neutering. Because Skye is Cryptorchid the Vet does have some concern about testicular cancer. He does feel comfortable waiting until Skye is one year old. So we will get it done some time in October after his first birthday.
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Henry is 23 months and still intact. He mostly squats outside and occasionally marks, outside only. He did start humping one particular crate cushion. Ii tore and I threw it away and oddly he hasn't tried to find something to replace it.

We just talked to our new vet about neutering. And as long as there are no negative behaviors or other issues, I don't have plans to neuter him right now. I did discuss it with the breeder as well. I'm not for or against, just want to have a solid reason to have him undergo surgery and i don't have one right now.

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