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Brush Anyone??
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Frustrated!!! I'm in Deep [email protected]#%

Winston has pooped THREE times in his tiny crate in the last 2 days...TWO times today!! 2/3 we were gone 30 MINUTES. This evening I decided I wouldn't feed him until we got he hadn't eaten since breakfast and he already [email protected]#% that in the crate earlier. I about FLIPPED when we returned.

I've scrubbed the crate all times and used that no smell stuff. He's received baths....UGH...

Now I'm afraid to leave the jerk. LOL.

I'm afraid to leave him in the laundry becuase will he just learn it's OK to pee/poo in the house?



Winston's Mom, Trish
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Holy what a situation. I'm not sure what it could be??? I'm at a loss. Perhaps he's got some sort of internal problems. Maybe Diarhea or something like that?? Was his poop really soft or runny? What's his diet like??

Sounds pretty serious.

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Goldie and Stogie
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How big is his crate? Its unusual for a dog to poop in his crate unless he is left a long time or its a big crate. He could have a bug and is unable to hold it. Since you said he pooped before eating, he may have something giving him the poops.
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Mom of Brutus and Roxie
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Could it be stress? Has his poop schedule changed, even when he is not alone? Is he going more frequently?
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Brush Anyone??
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Poop was nice and hard...well I'm assuming it was...

it was smeared and smushed all over....UGH.

I think he's punishing me for leaving him....perhaps the first time accident but this last time....

It's one of those little ones. He can turn around in it.

No bug. Oy. If it's not one thing it's another!!!


Winston's Mom, Trish
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Lincoln and Scout's Mom
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How old is Winston now? Could he be going through an adolescent phase?

My puppy has more poo accidents too when he has a softer or runny stool - maybe Winston ate something that made his tummy not feel so good....

Hope you can get to the bottom of it soon (no pun intended)....

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Here is something that worked for me that you might want to give a try:
If possible get a crate that will hold a small bed and a liter box. Put the liter box in the back of the crate with a pee pad duck taped down in it and the bed in front by the door. If you free feed you can hook the food and water on the crate. Put a shirt that has your smell on the bed, toys and sprinkle the bed with treats. If he eats food off that bed, he should go to the liter box to do his business.
There is a chance he has seperation anxiety. If that's the case, he can be very stressed when you are gone and has little control of himself. Try keeping your hello's and goodbye's very calm, don't make coming and going a big deal. Also, try putting him in the crate when you are home, so he doesn't relate the crate with you leaving. Let me know if this works for you. Good luck, don't give up it can take up to a year before a small dog is totally reliable.

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Quincy's Mom-Vinnie too!
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Hang in there!I believe he is just going through anxiety like Linda said.I was never successful with pee pads---strictly outside with Quincy.I would put his poop outside in the grass for him to smell and go.To this day Quincy has nothing in his blanket-nothing.I found it too easy for them to mess in it and hide it in a blanket or something.Stay firm and consistant(I'm sure you are)but I would feed a little bit in the am....wait 15-30 min.then outside to potty.When he came in from going,crate awhile.Then outside to go potty,play...crate.I think he does need to realize crate is good and they always come back for me.He could be fed again in pm but wait after 15-30 min.then out to potty etc.Do not give is easy to get frustrated...but you can not give up.Everyone has set-backs ok?:biggrin:

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

"Behind every unstable dog is a lesson for the owner"-Cesar Millan
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Biscuit's mom
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Although Biscuit has been totally reliable for several mos. (now 10 mos of age), I do remember several shocking regressions, like at around 4 mos and 7 mos. Which made me CRAZY. . .just when I thought he had "got it". It seemed like a little boy rebellion.

The following system worked well for me: no crate during the day, but an
ex-pen, with a little bed inside, a wee-wee pad, and water dish and some toys. He was so happy to be in the ex-pen, rather than in a dark little crate, when we were out, or when I was busy somewhere else in the house, and happily used the wee-wee pad pretty consistenly. Crate only at night, with no pad or water.

When he messes up (literally) FEED him a treat wherever he has defecated: in his bed, on a rug, in the crate, on the sofa (yes, Biscuit did it on my sofa! arghhh) etc. This works like a charm. They don't want to
sh-t where they eat! Yes, you are right, use that odor remover every time he messes where he shouldn't.

Whenever you are home, of course, take outside to potty. Eventually, no wee-wee pad is left in ex-pen when he is big enough to hold it for several hours (like at 6 mos) and the transition to pottying outside only and never in the house does happen.

But Winston is only 12 wks, right, so you've got to expect regressions. Over time, he will get it. Try to be calm, because he'll pick up on your emotion and then the whole toileting thing becomes an issue between you. Remember how that worked with little kids? Same with dogs. Good luck, I know it's frustrating.

and HEATH-Y, TOO !

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Brush Anyone??
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Thanks guys...I think...

I've decided it's because for 12 days while kids recovered from tonsils & adnoids surgery we DID NOT leave. Theyve gotten better and we've headed out the last few days for short journeys. But he doesn't know that.

I'm going to try some suggestions. Thanks everyone.


Winston's Mom, Trish
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