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Desparately seeking some Help!!!

If you have read any of my posts, you know we have had a hard time potty training Tessa and it isn't getting any better. She is over a year old.

The other day I was using the facilities and she likes to come in, which I know a lot your dogs do. She sat on my lap for a few seconds, wanted down and promptly walked over and squatted on the throw mat on the floor. I yelled her name and she looked at me with her "what?" look. It was like she didn't even know it was wrong. I scolded her and gave her a "time out". The most annoying thing is that she had only come in from outside five minutes before this.

Well, today was bath day. After my husband took her out of the sink, she wandered around the family room for a minute or two and then squatted and piddled in her bed. The bed she sleeps in every day. I yelled her name again, and got the "What?" look again.

The odd thing is she has never piddled in her crate and I work three days a week and she is in the crate from 8:00 am until 3:30. She also sleeps on our bed and never piddles on that. She even wakes us up if she has to pee.

I am at my wit's end. We have tried everyone's suggestions, from the ones I got from the trainer to ideas posted on the forum. We put her out in the yard everytime she wants to go. I don't know where to go from here. She is the most loving puppy and we love her to pieces and and wouldn't even think of returning her to the breeder or anything like that, but HELP!!!

Cooper and Tessa's Mommy
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Henry 2006-2018/ Kordelia
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Henry has pee-pads, but if I leave a throw mat on the floor, he will make a pee-pee on that (as if it is an option). I think in his mind, if there is a mat/pad/towel on the floor it is for pee-pees.

I have stopped leaving any small rugs anywhere, though, sometimes when we visit folks he will do it to their rugs. I believe it is a matter of differentiation and that he does not differentiate.

Not sure if there is anything that can be done.
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do you go OUT with her and make SURE she has pee'd??
Tillie will ring the bell to go out and if I don't go out with her and tell her GO POTTY, she will wander around, sniff and come back in without ever pee-ing!! then 2 minutes later she is ringing the bell again! sheesh, dog!

Tammy and Tillie
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I have taken up all the rugs in the house, but the ones in the bathroom because, let's face, the floor is cold on the toes. I tried pee pee pads, but she ripped them up, you know, the shredding gene.

I try to go out with her but it was minus 10 to minus 20 (c) today and I really hate the cold, but you may be right. I think I will have to suck it up and go out with her or at least watch her while she is out.


Cooper and Tessa's Mommy
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It takes time, I am afraid. Jack is still having accidents and he is two. Dh is not always the watchful eye as I am. If bathing...Potty prior and after. My boys usually have to Potty right after bathing (drying). If it is that cold outside, I would be training to use a pre pad for sure It just takes time, but, oh, so worth it.

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"

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Because of the 'shredding gene', I was unable to use pee pads with Ache. But I needed something for her to use inside. I use something like the Ugodog. I don't know how Tessa would react to it because she is older but it is so good to have an alternative for them to use inside the house... and more with those temperatures. brrrr
Maybe you need to limit her space again and watch her closely. When you see her peeing, move her to the Ugodog and praise a lot. Repeat, repeat... But definetely, you need to limit her space in the house while you get things under control. Here is a picture of what we use. Good luck.
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Ache and Yunque's mom
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Hi, the way that I trained Gabby, I just took her to her pee pads really often, and made her get on it, and would stand there telling her go potty, over and over til she went. In the beginnning, it took a little while to get her to go, but, soon, she knew when I put her on it and told her to go potty, she best go, or she will be there a while. I didnt give her free access to the pads at first, cause I figured she would rip it up. She has a nice crate, and she got rotated from the crate, to go potty, and then a little play time, potty, and then back to the crate. She caught on quickly, and is now potty trained at 4 months. I really think it was consistancy and standing over her telling her to go potty til, now, she will go on command, even if she can only squeeze out a few drips, lol. I use the pads and the grass pad, she will use either. Good luck!
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all I can say is it can take longer than a year with some pups. My two were doing so bad I was embarrassed to even talk about it. Most of my accidents happened in the middle of the night when I was asleep they would just jump off the bed. The rugs were cleaned twice but I think they could still get a sniff. Both of them have been trained on pads and the outdoors. What just happened in the last few weeks is amazing to me . I moved to a newer home that I don't think had any pets I was so afraid they would have accidents on the nice rugs that I build a xpin around my bed and put vinyl on top of the rugs. The first day I was their Zoey squatted in the middle of the family room rug . I was right there and said no and took her outside. Neither have had a accident now in about two weeks. Maddie is almost a year and a half and Zoe is three mo younger. I have no idea what finally clicked in for them the only thing I can think of is the carpets are just so free of any pee smell. Zoey was one to love to go on any mat the new house has several around by doors that she doesn't even try that. Any way don't kick your self just keep trying Is she spayed? Mine got worse when they were in heat.

Maddie at 5mo old
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Go and check her bladder! She might have a problem with holding pee-pee. Peeing all around can be also a kind of revenge. Maybe she hates being crated for so long three days a week? If you think about crating a dog for so long you will probably come to the conclusion that being in confined space for seven od eight hours is not a nice experience at all. Go to Turid Rugas web page and read about her calming signals. She is top dog behaviorist and she thinks that crating dog for long periods is a big mistake. She says that crate is ok only for transportation! Maybe she doesn't like it and she pees as some kind of revenge.
Roki hates blow drying an on bath days I know that I should keep my bedroom door closed because his revenge for blowdrying is peeing on my bed. He managed to do that yesterday! he also hates when I sit by computer more then half an hour. Two weeks ago he protested peeing on my bed.
But generally I think that havanese could be hard with housebreaking. I cannot say Roki (two years) is completely housebroken. Here and there I find dryed puddle, mostly in kitchen. I know he goes to kitchen to drink during the night and probably he just lifts his little leg to relieve him (rubish bin) while half asleep. I also learned that harsh punishment is completely counterproductive.
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wow. my hav was potty trained by 4 months and I think that most havs CAN be if started out right.... but still peeing in the house at 2 yrs old? my husband would NEVER have let that happen.
Also, I have to disagree about the dogs peeing for revenge. I don't believe that their brains work that way. just my opinion.

Tammy and Tillie
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