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Those with two (or more) - confining them while you're at work

I couldn't find anything searching, so I thought I'd ask the seasoned vets who have been through this. When you brought your second Hav home how did you contain the dogs while you were gone?

Currently Digs is 19 months, he's fully potty trained and spoiled as can be. He no longer get kenneled while we are gone, instead he has the run of the main floor of the house.

Just over a week ago, we introduced Odie, who is 4 months old. First off, we kenneled only Odie and let Digs roam free as usual, but it was, of course, bloody hell for Odie, and I don't think Digs liked all of Odie's crying either. He seemed stressed/sad from all of the noise as well as the separation from his new buddy.

After a few days we tried confining the two of them to one of our smaller spare rooms. Odie loves this because he has freedom and can play with big brother whenever he wants, but being 4 months old and not potty trained, he has pooped and peed his fair share in this room.

On the flip, side Digs doesn't really like this because he can't ever "get away" from the spazzy little brother. He loves playing with Odie...just not all the time.

While we both work, we each can get home once a day. In a normal day, the guys go out at 8:00 before work, at 11:00 or so when Jenny comes home, at 2:00 or so when I come home, and then we're home at 5:00 but accidents still happen when Odie was in the room rather than confined to his kennel.

With just Digs, it was simple - kennel.

With the two dogs it seems more difficult. Any dog cries at first, but I am wondering if it's harder for Odie because he can see Digs roam free.

In an ideal world, both dogs would be born potty trained or Digs would have a key that he could use to enter and exit the spare room as he pleases.

To you veterans of multiple dogs, how did you handle them while you were away? What do you suggest? How far off base am I?


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I use to give my dogs free run of the house while I was away....then I got my second Hav, Misty was not house trained and shy she was not comfortable with free run. My solution was to confine them to the kitchen when I leave, the kitchen is a good size and there are dog pillows (if your my true friend and coming for dinner I leave them down and don't hide them) it is one of their favorite places to hang out. This has worked out as my Lhasa can't hold it for very long periods on his prednisone days and the floor is easy to clean. I now have a new dog she is too small to leave out with the others so I have a good size crate in the kitchen with her bed in it and water (she goes there on her own to rest in the day sometimes) this is working out well they can see each other get close and she is safe. They only bark if someone rings the bell or when we come home, mostly they chill until we get home.

Robbie, Boo Boo, Yogi, and Misty's human.
Poohkey miss you, monkey.
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I have two expens one on each floor and the puppy stays in there at all times unless being supervised. She did cry the first few days but we change her rotation of toys and thankfully she loves her Kong so she now settles in happily.
After the first few days we would find Vanilla lying next to her pen near the bed so now we just moved her bed next to the expen so they can keep each other company.
Also if we toss in an especially good treat Vanilla sails right into the expen to "help" her sister with it

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Dexter 3yrs; Jack 2 years; Free roam of the house when we are gone (1-4 hrs), no accidents.

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"
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It's a good question....I had two that were about 1.5 years when I got a third..the two had run of the accidents.....I tried the same thing you did at first..confind the newbie and the other two still free but like you found no one was happy lol....I ended up confining all of them to the dining room with a baby gate and inside of that was the baby's expen and she could still see the other two but not aggravate the living daylights out of them all day ............after a few months when they got more used to each other and the baby settled down a bit I started leaving them all gated in the dining room...I'm hoping once the baby gets to be 1.5 I can go back to letting them have free run of the house but she is a really bad chewer so it may never happen..........
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I love the fact that your are a sensitive person to the feelings of your Havanese family. When I leave I have a situation similar to your extra bedroom. I had to put vinyl down to cover the rug and a ex pin to make the space smaller. I'm staying at my sisters in a large family room so the x pin goes from one wall to the other and my bed is inside the pin I have piddle pads.
You could also try putting the puppy up in the room in his crate or kennel and have Digs roam free. It would be fun to have a camera to see if Digs is really having a hard time or not. It sounds like you did a great job training Digs I would bite the bullet and train Odie with the same system you used with Digs.

Maddie at 5mo old
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Bumi is almost 3 and fully trained, he doesn't potty in the house or chew on anything, however, he stays in the playroom when we are not home (room is about 8 X 14 or so).
Toby is 19 wks, so he doesn't have the freedome that Bumi does. When we are not home, he stays in his expen (in the playroom). His water, crate and litter box are in there and he still has space to play/walk. About a 6x6 are or so.

Eventually, once he is older, he will stay with Bumi without the expen, but we are still a long way from there!


Peluito's King Bumi (Bumi)

Across the Rainbow Bridge - Starborn Mi Pequeño Tesoro (Toby) - Miss you my sweet boy.

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Both of mine have free roam of the house now, but they are 2 and 4, but when we got the second one, before she was potty trained, I had to put her in an ex pen when I was away - usually 3 hours.
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My older three now have free run of the house. But that was after 1 1/2 years of being in a crate in the kitchen. Whenever a new pup came, the pup was in An xpen on a piece of linoleum. They could see each other but the puppy was safe & in a potty safe area. I would say put the baby in an xpen or crate until you can trust him. Laila is 1 1/2now and she is still in a crate when we leave, and the other three just hang out in the kitchen with her. She goes in her crate very willingly and she loves it in there!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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Thanks for all the replies! I know that the key to this is time, and patience.

I have always thought about installing a surveillance camera to "spy" on them while at work. That would be funny. Since Odie has recently made the couch a pee spot, I am leaning toward penning them in the kitchen. It would be a lot easier for cleaning any potential accidents and it's still a decent enough space for them to play.

Digs and I have done a lot of classes together and he has always been an Ace. Sometimes, it was like I was the student and he was the handler.
He's done CGC and some intro agility and we are starting C.L.A.S.S. next week.

Odie starts AKC Star Puppy class on March 1, so I am excited for that.

As for the potty training - time an patience, right????
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