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Marley's Mom
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WHAT do you play with your puppies?

I read threads on how much everyone is playing with their puppies...but WHAT do you play with your puppy inside?

Since Marley is my first dog ever, I don't have anything to compare him to, but the only thing that he seems to want to do is "chew on Mom (or whoever else is trying to play with him)". I constantly correct him and replace my hand/arm etc. with toys, but after 10-15 minutes that just gets really old.....

When I throw toys, he will run after them, at least some times, but typically not return them to me, instead he'll come running to chew try and chew on me some more.

At times he gets so wild and crazy that it's almost like he is posessed and I have to put him into "time out" .... do all puppies do that or is he just a particularly wild one??

So what do you with your pups to get their energy out without feeling like a chew toy yourself???

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Ahhh Alexa, you are describing the runlikehell. Both my puppies who were/are actuallly very mellow both had these moments of runlikehell. they are less and less-- but they both still do it. they do get that I am possessed look to them.

as for getting the energy out there really is nothing better than a long walk when Marley is old enough.

But we used to play the "come game" on either side of the house or better yet one person up a flight of steps and the other person as far away downstairs as possible. each person has treats and yells "Marley Come." and do that until he stops coming. Jasper and Cash both loved this game and it teaches them the word "come" they would both run as hard as they could to both of us and tired themselves out.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Chewing on me is Shelby's favorite game. But we also play ball, tug of war, and they like hide and seek. I hide and they find me. It' really funny, because I yell boo at Shelby, and she looks like one of those cartoon dogs...feet are running but she's going nowhere.

They like to play fetch with anything you throw. Kodi will bring me balls, bones, water bottles, anything. I think all Havs love the RLH game. Kodi will run around the dining room table and Shelby will wait for him on one end and attack himon his way around.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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Brady is a big fetch man and will usually bring his toys back to me. He always has, although he is not as good with the ball outside. He loves to fetch his stuffed toys and we play this through the kitchen where he can run and slide across the tile floor. He thinks that part of it is the most fun. I have always walked him a lot. Brady has a lot of energy and always has since he was a puppy. Walking him was key to a healthy relationship. He is a little over a year and if he is does not get enough playtime/walktime, he is a handful!

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Marley's Mom
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Thanks so much for the responses...when I take him outside it's easier to wear him out since he can run (now on the leash....)...when he wants to of course...at times it turns into the old "drag the puppy" or "carry the puppy" when he just plain refuses....he cracks me up because he will always take part of the leash into his mouth so he still feels in charge.....

I'll have to post some videos of him if I can figure that part out....I am such a dork...the photographer in me keeps videotaping vertical clips...so you may have to tilt sideways to see the video <g>

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Gucci's mom
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I bet your videos are cute

Oh, when Gucci was a wee-pup, I used to sit on the floor and she would chase a string or toy under my legs/knees. Its a really cute game, if I can explain it right, but I would lure her under my knees and around me with whatever she was chasing.

She seems to have a fascination with strings. I recently put on a pair of sweats on a chilly night and the obsession is still there.

I'll be amazed if my sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants with string survive this year since her teeth are so much more........sharp. lol

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Alexa, not to push a usual havanese forum idea - but another Hav would certainly wear your pup out!! My guys play runlikehell all the time, tug of war with each other, two of mine will bring me a toy to toss. You will find out what Marley likes soon enough!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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Annabelle has played fetch since she was a little over two months. She was born Jan. 21 2006. She got a ball in her Easter basket and she became a devotee of retriving the ball. When we get up, she sleeps with me and kisses me awake every morning and we go for a walk, the I try to get her to eat something, (she has never been a good eater) and then we play ball. After she wears herself out she takes a long nap. She has several baskets of toys and she takes out different ones each day to entertain herself a lot of the time. She loves rope toys, a frog that croaks, and her giggly carrot.
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(and Taylor Too! )
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Ahaha...RLH. Capote does this ALL The time. He LOVES to wrestle and if you roll him over a couple times it sets him automatically into RLH mode..as if rolling him over winds him up like a top. Usually he flies around the living room, under the coffee table, scrambles behind the couch, repeats, then comes back to be 'rewound'.

I taught capote fetch by throwing the toy and then clapping and saying 'bring it back' all excited. He got the hint sooner or later and now brings the toy back..its just getting him to drop it that we have problems with.

If mommy's to tired to play RLH or catch, he's always good at attacking the cat...that seems to be his favorite game. No cat is safe in my house..they all face the wrath that is capote. He especially likes chewing on little kitties ears..

OMG don't forget a laser light. Capote goes CRAZY over those. FLYING all over the house following that lil red ball.

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My havanese plays with the other havanese who plays with the other havanese who plays with the lab and the other havanese.

Peace, Love & Havanese
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