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1st Day In -- I Need Help!

Looks like there are a few of us newbies around here. My problem parallels mct's. With the wisdom of one day of experience, I can see now that I have made several errors, and hopefully have learned from them.

First, the good news. I picked Benjamin up from the breeder yesterday. I hadn't seen him in 3 weeks and he had grown so much! He was happy and joyful and bouncing around in the grass as I got some last minute information, then I put him in the car. He cried and almost broke my heart as we drove away, but after a minute he just shuffled around in his crate and tried to get settled. By the time we were on the freeway he was sound asleep, and slept for the rest of the two hour drive. I stopped after an hour, thinking he would need a potty break, but I figured it was better to let him sleep.

We got home and I put him on a wee wee pad right away, but he didn't go. Maybe I didn't wait long enough, but he was just bouncing around and happy and wanted to play after his nap, and I didn't want to keep putting him back on the pad. I checked the blankets in his crate from the car ride, and they were dry, so I was surprised that he didn't have to go.

I let him explore the whole house at first -- it's just a 2 bedroom apartment, not too big -- but then as I'd planned, confined him to the bedroom. We played and played, I fed him and gave him some water, and again put him on the pee pad -- no luck. Where is it all going? I checked around and did find one little spot on the carpeting. I cleaned it up with the enzyme cleaner stuff and put him in his crate, where he slept some more.

He woke up, played some more, and ate and drank some more. I know, big mistake, this was after 10:00. It's just that the breeder made a big deal of being sure he eats, but I can see now that that's not going to be a problem. In short -- every time I put him on the pee pad, he would never go! The thing is, although I live right across the street from a beautiful park, I do not have a private yard, so have nowhere to take him to go outside until he's had his shots. His setup with the breeder was to sleep in an ex-pen and go potty on newspapers spread around in there. I did not want to do that setup because I thought it would be better to have him sleeping near me at first, but more importantly, there would be no way to keep the cat out of there, and until I can trust them together, I don't think that would be a good idea. Anyway -- he has a small crate in my room, and slept all through the night. I got up at 5:30, woke him up and put him on a pee pad, and again he didn't go. His bed was dry. Since I've had him home, I have found 3 pee spots on the carpeting. Also -- he made two big poops on the carpeting! He made one, then instead of picking him up right away and putting him on the pad in the bathroom, I ran to get some paper towels to pick it up, and in the meantime he did another one. Doh!!!

The last straw was this afternoon. We'd been running some errands and everybody loved him, we played some more, he ate and drank some more, and I put him on a pee pad. No luck. I kept putting him back on it, but he just kept jumping around looking cute. Then I made my big mistake. I laid down on my bed to rest and read, and he wanted to come up. I picked him up and put him on my bed, and guess what -- he thinks my down comforter is a big giant pee pad, and he let go of all of that pee he'd been holding on to all over the comfortor. I had just had it cleaned 3 weeks ago!!

I put him in his crate and cleaned it up as best as I could, but I think I might need to buy a new comforter. Obviously I need to reevaluate here. He is not coming up on the bed again until he is potty trained. It would seem mean to just keep him in his crate all the time, and the bedroom and living room are carpeted. I could keep him in the bathroom or kitchen with an ex-pen, but there's the cat issue, or keep him in the bathroom with the door closed, but he would not be happy.

I know I've gone on and on, and all I can say is now I know what you experienced folks mean by the need for patience. Maybe I could put diapers on him, but then how will he learn? Well, in spite of all this he is so cute and fun and lovable and even tempered that I'm sure it will all be worth it. I just hope he figures out the pee pee pad system really soon!

-- Eileen

P.S. Will send pics later...
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I haven't got my pup yet but have been through puppy training before. I always found that if they made a mistake to use the newspaper or pee pad to try and absorb some of the accident. Next time puppy sniffs around the peepad it will have the odour that he's looking for. Remember to make a huge fuss and give him a treat when he goes on it. Sounds like he likes food, so treating should help!

Lise and Ted
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lise -- that is a good idea, I will try it. He is sleeping right now, but I'm gonna wake him up soon and try again. -- E.
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You could run to home depot or Lowes and get a remnant of their vinyl flooring. Put that under the expen so you can save your carpet from mishaps.


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It sounds like he NEEDS to be confined or leashed to you for sure!!! YOU have the set him up to succeed. "Finding pee spots" tells me that he isn't always in your line of vision ... and at this point he NEEDS to be!! Put him in the x-pen with just enough room for his bed and a pee pad and he only gets to come out AFTER he has pee'd.
They are VERY smart pups, he'll figure it out fast!!!

On the other hand ... not to discourage you, but I had ZERO luck with pee pad training Tillie... she also would NOT go on a pad or a 'potty patch' or anything! I ended up training her to go outside and she got it right away. But she was 14 weeks when we got her AND we have a fenced yard...

Hang in there and TRY to enjoy your new baby... and remember he IS just a BABY!!! We wouldn't expect a 3 month old human baby to be potty training, would we!??

Tammy and Tillie
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Originally Posted by morriscsps View Post
You could run to home depot or Lowes and get a remnant of their vinyl flooring. Put that under the expen so you can save your carpet from mishaps.
Definitely do that! Maccabee, almost six months, spends a lot of time in his expen. It is in my living room, on a piece of vinyl. He's about 98% reliable in his expen, but he still frequently "misfires" and gets the floor immediately beside his litter box when he does not climb completely into the box.

Maccabee's breeders (Tom and Pam King) have stressed that Maccabee has to earn freedom outside his expen. He has to pee in his litter box or outside before he is allowed to play outside the expen. He also has to earn his walks by peeing in "his spot" before we go any further. No pee, and we go back inside and he goes back into the expen. It kills me to keep him confined, but it seems to be working.

Good luck!


Starborn Light My Fire (Maccabee)

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I agree with Pam, that a piece of vinyl under your ex-pen will make things a lot easier for both of you.

Please think about this from your puppy's point of view. He has no idea what pee pads are if he is used to eliminating on newspaper. There is no reason for him to think you are putting him on the pee pad to pee. So far, he has peed on the carpet several times, and not at all on the pee pads. At this age, potty training is all about habits, and the habit id going in the wrong direction.

He needs to be supervised more closely, so there is no chance of him peeing on the carpet. Don't even take him out of his ex-pen until he has peed on the pad.

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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I was about to say the same thing that everyone else just said...confine to a small space and has to potty to come out. But remember that they will go again after about 15 minutes of play. I used to set a timer and take Trooper to potty at 12 minutes. If he went he got to stay out and play more, if he didn't he went back to confinement until he pottied, then back out. Seems mean to confine so much at that age, but they take a lot of naps at that age anyways, plus they're smart and it won't take them long to make the connection between going potty and getting to go play. Be very slow about making the play space while out bigger. Need a small area out of the xpen at first, then GRADUALLY bigger space. And whatever space there is needs to be supervisable space.

Keep at it!

Angie and Trooper

Trooper is a Moptop boy! If only I could think up a registered name...
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Thank you very much for all of the good advice and encouragement. I just want to clarify a couple of things. First -- I have been watching Benjamin like a hawk every second he is out of the crate (except for when I ran for the paper towels), but he seems to pee in little squirts and dribbles, so I can't tell he's going. Also, I do not have an ex-pen setup at this point, and I'd rather not if possible, due to space limitations. I am using a small crate, and have another one just like it that I was planning to use when I bring him to work. I will change it up if I have to, but we've only been together for one day, after all. Since I don't have an ex-pen, I can't use the idea of making him earn the right to come out by going potty first, although it sounds like a great idea. I could get a baby gate or ex-pen for the kitchen, but I spend very little time there, I must confess. If I have to go out without him for more than an hour or so, I plan to put him in the bathroom with his crate (open), food, and pee pads. Or newspapers.

Karen, when you say it it seems obvious, of course how would he know what I want him to do on those pads! Of course he's just a little baby, and he's just so happy and fun loving spurting pee all over the place I'm not so sure he was hitting those newspapers very frequently, either, but we'll keep at it.

Since he peed on the comforter, I am not allowing him on the carpet or bed at all. This afternoon and evening he took a long nap, then I took him out and spread out 4 pee pads on the floor, and I played with him on those. I brushed him, then took him in the bathroom with me when I took my bath, then, since he seemed to love the water, I gave him a little bath also, and dried him up. Oh yeah, he piddled on the bathroom floor also, but not on the pad, but that's fine. We had a good time, and nothing was damaged. I know that he needs for me to set the limits, and I am quite ready to do. Fortunately, he is so easy going and good tempered that he goes along with whatever I want him to do. Except for you know what, ha ha, but he seems quite content to play by himself in his crate when he is not sleeping, especially if I'm nearby. So, all of that is to say, I will keep trying with my planned system for now, and I wouldn't expect it to work in one day!!!

I don't know what I'd do without you guys -- thanks again!

-- Eileen
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I can relate with trying to do it in a small apartment. I have a small one bedroom apartment and I don't have any room to set up on X-Pen in here. I had his Ugodog set up on the vinyl floor by the front door and I'd take him there. Of course he'd usually ignore it and run over to the carpet and go. It was very frustrating. I finally resorted to blocking off the area when I put him in there with rubbermaid container lids and not letting him out until he had some action. I swear he'd look at me like I was the biggest bully ever! Then he'd spend more time trying to figure out how to take the barrier down than he did going to the bathroom in the right spot.

Things were progressing super slowly until he finally decided to like treats. Up until that point he had been turning up his nose at every treat I tried with him (like he suspected me of trying to poison him!) and praise and the potty party weren't really cutting it.

Once he decided he really loved freeze dried beef liver (and it took about 10 introductions of it to him before he decided it was good stuff) then potty training really took off. He very quickly learned that going in the right spot meant he got a yummy treat and things were MUCH easier after that.

Hang in there, you'll find something that works.

Tracy and Brody

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings
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