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Marley's Mom
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Potty training help at 16 weeks....

ok, so I have been digging through the threads, but can't seem to find the right ones that answer my questions...I feel like such an idiot, but what exactly is "back to the basics" involve???

Marley is 16 weeks tomorrow and since we got him (at 8 1/2 weeks), we've been taking him out every hour religiously and he pees and poops out there just fine. At night time he is in his crate right next to me and now sleeps happily through the night.

BUT...wait just a little too long and 1 1/2 hours has passed, turn your head for a second and &$(&@%[email protected] there is the puddle.

A couple of times he actually stood silently before the door to the deck and once he peed there (Yeah!), but more often than not, he'll just pick a random spot. It doesn't happen very often, since we typically do take him out before that, but still often enough....

Our house is fairly open and I go up and down a lot between the living room/kitchen downstairs and the office upstairs, so if I just run downstairs when he is sleeping to get something, I don't want to wake him up, drag him with me and then bring him up again...but that's just another time for him to piddle.

Since all the books talk about crate training being critical to potty training, I tried the plastic crate during the day (the same one he sleeps in at night), but he totally freaks out in it if I stick him in there during the day and will not stop scratching and barking until he gets out (and I tried for over 1/2 hour while I was there in the room next door - he was sounding hoarse by them time I let him out)

HELP.....if you know any threads that deal with this stage, maybe post the link to them...I'll take any advice...

I just feel that at this age, we need to start going to phase 2 of the potty training, I just don't think I can take him outside every hour for the rest of all days...

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Kubrick & Hitchcock's Mom
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Alexa, do you have pee pads readily available? I know there are people here who would disagree but I think that first potty training and then housebreaking worked really well for me. I live in an apartment and I have two pee pads in different areas. Kubrick has yet to have an accident (pee or poop outside of the pad) in well over a month (he's almost 5mo now). Once he was completely reliable in the house with the pads, we started transitioning him outside... no more praise for going on the pad but TONS of praise for going when we're out and about. It's worked for us, but then again, I live in an apartment.

As far as crate training, I think it was invaluable with teaching Kubrick. I do think that although 30 minutes of crying can be REALLY hard to take, you are not waiting long enough... do you make sure that he is not crying when you take him out? He needs to be completely silent otherwise he will learn that crying means he will be taken out and he won't stop doing it. The best way I found to acclimate Kubrick to the crate was to leave him in for a period of time until he was silent for around a minute then take him out and praise him LOTS for being a good quiet boy. With time, you can leave him in longer and longer and he should quiet down. Also, give him a really good treat the moment he goes into the crate... something he really loves that he only gets at that time. It can help. Have you tried feeding him in the crate? That also helps give the dog a good association with the crate (feed him in there with the door open and over time close the door but don't lock it and then lock it gradually so he can get used to being confined in there while eating). I can tell you that the first time we used an expen with Kubrick he cried non stop for well over an hour, so that's normal, at least for me.

In case you still don't want to get him crate trained you need him next to you all the time. That means tethering him to you using a 6' leash so that he is always around you and you can see when he will have an accident before he does.

I hope that helps you out a little bit and I'm sure others here have more options for you. Good luck and hang in there!!! He will get the hang of it sooner or later.

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Alexa, back to basics means not turning your head for a minute--- I have found taking out (or to a pee pad) regularly is great with a command (do your biz) and with a reward---good boy! and treat! But I saw greater comprehension from actually correcting my boys when I caught them in the act. you see the squat, you run and say NO! startle them and pick them up and immediately take them to the right spot and say your command. Even if they are empty if they assume the position-- Good Boy, Good Boy, treat, Good boy. They will begin to learn that Carpet is scary-- out doors is gooood! At 4 months, both cash and jasper had a little bit of a relapse-- -the good think is they are older and I think understand more. And when you can't watch maybe an x-pen or closing off the kitchen maybe with a pee pad. I have found that once trained they prefer to go out- but in an emergency will use the pad. good luck

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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It gets so frustrating, I know. Shelby can go a whole week with no acccidents. She will be in a sound sleep, then jump up and run to the pee pad and go. Other times, she will get up and just squat. I know they have little bladders, but she doesn't even drink that much water. Plus, I am not with her part of the day, and I have a feeling that my Mom is not as vigilant as I am.

She holds it through the night, and first thing in the morning she goes outside. When we go for out walks, she will poop without question. It is the pee that is a problem. The other day, she used the pee pad that is in the holder. Well, she walked onto it, but I guess she needs more room to turn around, because she peed off of it onto the floor. I didn't correct her, because she really thought she did a good thing.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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I really like using an x-pen. We use that when we know we can not keep an eye on her. She wines for a few then realizes that we are there and sleeps. I find that Jillee usually goes in the same spot so I always check it every now and then. It does get easier trust me!!!! She will be six months old next month and does pretty good. Knock on wood!!

~~Mommy"s Little Angel~~
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Quincy's Mom-Vinnie too!
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I'm sorry--I had a whole typed out page,but it wouldn't post it!
I got Quincy at this age(16wks.).He would sneak and piddle on the edge of a rug etc.Stinker!Watch him like a hawk----if your eyes are not on him all the time,put him in the crate.Do not give in to whimpers,scratching etc.That teaches him what he needs to do to get out--that's all.Marley should be extending his time between potties---if he can go all nite in a crate---he can be extended to every 2 hrs.etc.with the help of a crate or ex-pen.I never had an ex-pen---just a crate.Be strong---if he bothers you with whining,whimpering etc.step outside of hearing range.It is "tough love" but it is so worth it in the end!

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

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Gucci's mom
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Gucci can hold it til about 6 am. The weekdays aren't a problem because I'm up at the butcrack of dawn, 5ish...but the weekends I want to sleep in and will tell her to go potty on her pad.

I just need to be more vigilent about putting one out!!!!!

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Marley's Mom
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One of my problems is that everybody and every bood tells me to do something different, my head is buzzing....

And in the books it always talks about taking the young pups under 16 weeks out every hour and after every play and after every meal etc. and then nothing much after that....like some magic suddenly happens at that age???

The expen worked well for us during dinner time and when we are around the kitchen and can't watch him closely but are in the room. I haven't seen him pee in there for a long time when we are home, only when we have to leave him for several hours. Now that that option is under review (see the other thread).

I think I'll ask also my puppy class instructor for a private session finally...there are other issues that I have had questions about, but just never got around to making an appointment.

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Gryff and Jinx Mommy
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I take Gryff out every 2 - 2-1/2 hours. We started to expand the time slowly between sessions, but he was having accidents, so we went back to 2+ hours. We will again slowly increase the time between pottys. My thinking is that if you take him out every hour, he won't learn how to hold it. He will always expect you to take him out. I don't use the crate. He was fine in it at night, but since I'm home all day, I didn't feel the need to keep him cooped up in it all the time. Now he's in our bed at night so we really don't need the crate in the house at all...except he likes it. Sometimes he just goes in there because it's comfy for him.

Every book I've read relies on crate training or pee pads for housetraining. I haven't found one book that tells you how to do it another way. I guess we are just winging it!

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Hang in there Alexa,
It took my first puppy until she was about 7 months old to be totally reliable in the house. The second one took less time but still took several months.
Make SURE you get all the odor out of wherever he has peed by using Nature's Miracle or similar product. If he can smell it (even if you can't) he'll go there again.
This is one of those cases where you think he'll never get it and one day it will dawn on you that he hasn't had an accident in awhile and he's finally got it!



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