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Jen, Timmy and Mae
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First extended leave, sigh

I was out of the house this morning at 8:00 and probably won't be back till 5:00 tonight, what damage will be done? Some things have totally changed with the way I'm handling Mae from Tim, but my explicit babysitting directions are still evident and so is the mindless nodding of heads of those I'm leaving in charge. I think there should be classes on training human family members. I know Mae won't know that I'm even gone but as my daughter ,who's staying home said, "Tim will just sleep the whole time."

So those of you fellow new puppy parents, I have some questions for you. I'm trying so hard to remember when Tim was a puppy for comparison but it seems like ages ago.
- Does your puppy stay occupied playing with toys for long stretches of time? I mean playing by themselves on a blanket and just chewing, shaking and squeaking away? Mae seems very independent and will play by herself a lot more so then I remember Timmy ever doing.
- Does your pup not mind being in the expen even when you are in the same room? I seem to put Mae in her pen a lot more hen I did with Tim. She is totally content in her pen just watching the world go by, Tim would have been screaming and crying.
- Does your puppy only poop in one spot outside? I did not do this intentionally but Mae has two spots she uses for poops which is actually very convenient I must say. I don't think Tim has a preference for location as much as substrate.
- Does your pup ever stop? The only time Mae is not in motion is when she's sleeping, peeing, pooping or eating, she's a wild thing. She makes Timmy look like a slug even when he was a puppy. Sometimes I need to put her in the pen just to slow down.

I know every puppy is different I am just getting such a kick out of Mae and I agree with the saying that opposites attract. Sorry such a long post I'm sitting in my car waiting for my daughter to finish her faculty meeting then it's off to National Portfolio Day for college.

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Leo has always been good about spending time in his expen without fussing which is probably the only way I can have him at work with me as much as I do. He will chew on chew toys, play with his soft toys, push his Kong around to get bits of food out and nap. He does spend time in the expen at home as well though I try to give him more freedom since I am not working. I have a 15 yr old dog that doesn't appreciate Leo's puppy enthusiasm. He is getting better about respecting her space but this has been a hard lesson and he still pushes her buttons. I think the more experience you have with pups the more you recognize and enjoy their individual temperaments and the better your puppy management strategies become.

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I'm sure your time away will go well! I haven't left my family in charge yet with Ludo. I just don't trust them. LOL. (But, seriously, I don't.)

As to your questions -

Ludo is needy like my children are/were. He doesn't play very independently. But he has mastered the art of making things interactive (ex: walking up and dropping toys at my feet).

He is fine in his xpen and goes in and out of it on his own (unless closed in) and prefers napping in there. His is a safe haven from the kids, too, so he understands that and uses that when he needs to get away from them. He will cry when I leave him in closed. (I've stood at the garage and listened.)

He does have a preferred poop area, too! But I have never seen a dog have such an extended melodramatic preparation for poop in my life. I should video it; it's quite funny. He basically does a handstand during it.

The energy thing! I was going to come and post this. I have to say, I'm stunned at how athletic Ludo is. I just didn't expect it based on his size I guess - or how "toy cute" he is. I have to walk him pretty good distances every day (two and three times a day) to keep him out of trouble. On our walks he often gets me to run with him and this dog can haul a$$. He walked a 5k one Saturday with us and was on cloud nine. I walk a fine line between doing too much with him, I think... I know I shouldn't let him do too much. He's pretty hard to tire out, too. When I'm ready to go to bed I have to put in the extra effort to wear him out so he goes peacefully into his crate otherwise he cries.

Loved your video of Mae in the leaves, too, btw. I didn't comment but I got such a kick out of her!

Traci & Ludo


The dog becomes your dream come true, the very thing you wanted.
- Maurice Sendack

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Ruth (me) Chester (dog)
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1. Yes Chester usually plays indepently but would always appreciate some rough play with us.
2. And yes, Chester is fine being by himself in the expen if someone is in the same room.
3. There is a big pit in our backyard and Chester usually poops in there, and the neighbors backyard is always a choice for him. ()
4. Nope. Always moving...

Hav to hav a Hav!!!
Ruth and Chester
(Chester's DOB - 4/04/13)
"Dogs are NOT stupid, they are smarter than you think."
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Colbie likes her toys but prefers them much more when there is a person attached to the other end. She will play by herself but much prefers to play with us. She is good at taking every toy out of her box and will initiate play by picking up her favorite chipmunk and dropping it at my feet.

We don't do the expen a lot because when we did it was in the carpeted den and she peed on the floor. So we put plastic carpet runner and she peed on that. It might be time to try again because that was before she was pottying outdoors. Our kitchen is basically one large expen. It has her crate and bed in it and the exits are all blocked with sections of the expen. She is content in here as long as there is a person in the kitchen unless she is very tired. If we are in the next room she will come to that gate and whine a little then plop herself down and look up with sad eyes. As soon as you open the gate she will dash in and RLH.

Outdoors, we have a preferred area that we like her to poop in and when it's potty time we keep her in that area. When she is playing she has found other areas to poop in. (I can't wait to see what my lawn looks like next spring lol.

Colbie has a lot of energy but a nice long play session in the yard will tire her out. She rarely goes to sleep but will be content to lie in her bed by my feet and veg for hours after playing.

I love seeing Mae and Tim play and makes me think two might be nice

Ron (and Colbie and Scarlett)
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Brody plays independently, but wants me to watch him do it! He's an exhibitionist.

Tracy and Brody

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings
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I don't have any answers but I love your description, "mindless nodding of heads".

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Jen, Timmy and Mae
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Originally Posted by RitaandRiley View Post
"mindless nodding of heads".
So you know what I mean? Ha

Back from my busy day and all seems to have went well. DH tried to take both of them for a walk, but complained that Mae couldn't walk a straight line so he took her home and attempted to take Timmy out himself. We have a loop in our neighborhood and Timmy doesn't like to walk up the big hill so I generally go the other direction so he only has to walk down, DH went the wrong way and ended up carrying him up the hill, really????? He bumped into one of my walking buddies who was LHAO, oh I'm going to hear it tomorrow! All seemed relatively in order when I got back and when I asked how much pee he had to clean up he seemed offended and said none, that I'll have to do a closer inspection on.

Glad to hear everyone's little ones seem to be in the same boat as little Mae. I just crack up with how different Timmy and her are. Timmy did the circle dance before he pooped but Mae in her speedy fashion just squats and drops. She does seem way more independent then my little man and both personalities are fine with me. I got quite a welcome when I got home it was very cute and heart warming.

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Great that all went well while you were away. I know the worry - I have the dog training sortd but what about the man training.

Tee hee on the walk I had the same. Had to go out early yesterday so DH was on walking duty. Evidently hCharlie refused to go more than 10m down the road with DH then lay down so was carried home. And with the cat - found an extra chair in the study "the cat was on mine and I couldn't move her". 78kg man, 5kg dog, 4 kg cat - just don't get it
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Love it!!! sounds like, except for the constant motion, Laila did a good job raising her daughter - and she is a perfect match for you guys !!! Nothing makes me happier!!!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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