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Stairs & Puppies

Ok, here is a wierd question. (maybe)

Will a 10wk old Havanese puppy be able to navigate stairs? The door I want the dog to use will be a half flight of stairs up/down from the rest of the house. Will this not be a good idea? Should I use another door to the outside??

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Old 03-01-2007, 12:36 AM
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I think they CAN. If they WILL is a different story. Its scary for a puppy. Since its only half a flight, maybe its better. Mine would finally go up but would NOT come down. I would see her looking at me from the top of the stairs. You have to coax them down, but with a half flight, maybe not....

I would just try and keep in mind it will only be a problem for a short time so dont change it. They pick up fast. You just have to show them not to be scared of the stairs. Sit with them and go up and down.

Let me know how it goes!
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Old 03-01-2007, 08:47 AM
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I think a lot also depends on if the stairs are carpeted or not. Logan can go up and down carpeted stairs no problem, probably from age 10 weeks. But most of my stairs are hard wood. He takes a long time to go us, and sometimes slips & falls down a few, but at 17 weeks, still does not go down them. I carry him down. Its not a bad arrangement for me cause I know where he is when we go upstairs. I guess when he is roaming upstairs, if I find him downstairs, I will know he is ready. My pups have to go down 2 steps off the deck for potty, and Logan did those within 10 - 11 weeks.
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Old 03-01-2007, 08:58 AM
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We have a similar situation in our condo. We have a set of two small flights of steps with a landing in between them. I remember it was several weeks before Oreo went near those steps. Mind you, I did not formally start exclusive outdoors until about 2 weeks ago. Now that he goes out the front more often, he has slowly learned to overcome his fear of going down the first flight - it is carpeted. He has not problem getting to the landing. Since our foyer is TINY, the landing is where we keep our shoes, so the next flight has a plastic runner to protect the carpet. It's a weird set up and it is a paiin, but for Oreo the plastic runner is a little scary for him because it looks like it is slippery for him. He can go up, but down is a different story. I am sure with time he will get it
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Old 03-01-2007, 09:02 AM
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Sam would go up the outside stairs from day one (9wks) I was amazed that he climbed them. But he was five months old before he would go down the stairs.

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Old 03-01-2007, 10:28 AM
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I think it can be very scary for a small pup to do stairs. We got Ricky at 9 weeks and had to carry him up and down stairs off the deck so he could do his business in the yard. He started climbing up those steps a couple of weeks later, but he never did go down them. Once winter set in, we closed off our deck and he now goes on the deck to eliminate.

Indoors, though, we live in a 4-level split, so there are stairs everywhere. They are half-floor sets of stairs, so maybe 6 or 7 steps each. He'd go up them at about 3 1/2 mths. or so and down a few weeks later... with a little coaxing on our parts.

Now..... he flies up and down those stairs like nobody's business!!

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We have no steps going outside, you just walk out onto the deck. Then there are three steps down to the yard. Kodi had trouble navigating them at 11 weeks. However, Shelby was the same age when we brought her home, and she had no trouble with them.

My daughter has a full flight of carpeted stairs, and Kodi runs up and down with no problem. My basement stairs are not carpeted and he will go up, but not down. Shelby has not tried them yet.

I think you just have to let them try. My daughter has Dachshunds, and they run up and down the stairs like crazy. And they have those little, short legs.
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Old 03-01-2007, 12:45 PM
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Izzy will go up with no problem (12 wks), but fell down three steps off of our deck, so I don't know if she will ever try that again! It scared me to death...I wasn't expecting her to try it as we were waiting for our lab to do her business.
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We have two sets of flights in our house and two two sets of stairs in the back yard (we have a 3 level backyard). We got Bugsy at 12 weeks and in about 3 maybe 4 days he was able to climb up and down both up and down stairs. My stairs in the house are carpeted.

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It absolutely depends first on whether it is carpeted and second how much of a risk taker the puppy is. Parler did the carpeted stairs very early after teaching him by standing behind him and doing the walking with him using my hands. Down was a little slower. But the wood stairs took longer for him to take the risk- eventhough I did that with him too. Now he is doing all of it on his own at 7 1/2 months- and does it for enjoyment!
It all happensin time.

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