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the "me" part is revi =)
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introducing Noa, and a question about separation anxiety

Hello! My name is Revi, and I brought home "Camryn" from Katie/MopTop Havenese's "Y" litter on Thursday (thanks Katie, for a fabulous dog and for pointing me in the direction of this forum! i love seeing everyone's dogs and this place is full of useful information ) Well her name is now Noa, and she is an absolute DOLL! She seems rather content in her new environment, and she's been doing really well with socialization, using her pee pads, and making herself at home.

The only problem is, she's developed quite the attachment to me (which is great) and i'm worried about what will happen when I have to start leaving her home while I'm at work. When I'm home with her she has more or less free range to roam around, so long as I'm watching her. At night she sleeps in a plastic crate, which she seems ok with, but I don't want to confine her to that when I'm not around. So I got her a bigger, wire kennel (it's 36" x 24") that contains her potty area and some space to play/rest in. She's totally fine in there, so long as I'm sitting nearby, but as soon as I walk away she starts to cry. I know I'm supposed to ignore it (NOT an easy feat) so I don't respond to her whining, but even when I do that she just keeps crying. Is there anything I can do to teach her not to cry? I've tried distraction (there's plenty of toys in there), turning on music, leaving her with a treat...the only way to stop her crying is to sit by her side. Am I doing something wrong? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
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Wow - that's a huge crate for a puppy - putting a potty area inside kind of defeats the purpose of teaching them not to potty in their "den". Can you exchange it for an expen? Then you can put the pad on one side and a little bed in the other.

As for the crying - you're just going to have to hang tough or she'll have you trained in no time!

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Revi, congrats on the addition!

As far as separation anxiety goes Lisa is right, you are going to have to be very strong and just tough it out. Try getting her toys or Kongs which will keep her busy while you are gone. It helps to start teaching her alone time even when you are in the house. Once she figures out you always come back and that she can indeed have fun by herself, she will be ok. Don't baby her and try your best to be strong. =)

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Hi Revi and welcome. How much time do you have before you go back to work? If you have a little time I would try leaving her for a very short time and then a little longer each time to get her used to the fact that you're always coming back. It's a process but one you both can easily handle.

Good luck with your adorable little girl Noa.

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Hi Revi,
I agree with Lisa, I would not use that big crate as it will only confuse her. Get an xpen or the plastic play yard for babies at ToysRus to keep her in during the day. Put her water, no food, pee pad and bed and if room the small crate with the door open. Be sure you or someone else comes home mid-day to play with her or take her out to go potty where you want her to learn to go. Be consistent, as that is the key to housetraining or any training for that matter. It can be hard on this breed to be away from their owners for 8 hours or more, so the more you can do now to teach her all will be ok, the better she will be in the future and you being away at work will be ok with her then. I have a wonderful article on my web site about crate training if you need that. Good luck and keep us posted.
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the "me" part is revi =)
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Thanks for the replies!

i live in an apartment and there's not enough room for an expen, so the big crate is the best i can do to give her a safe, enclosed play area. She's been using the pee pad inside it, and hasn't been going potty anywhere else in the house. I'm actually surprised by how long she can last - granted it's only been two nights, but she hasn't had overnight accidents and even during the day she only pees every 3-6 hours. I'm sure there will be accidents at some point, but so far she's doing really well with housebreaking. It's more the crying that I'm concerned about.

I'll be going back to work on Thursday, and I live really close so i'll be coming home during the day to take her out. In the meantime I guess I need to just leave her for short spurts at a time and get her used to me coming and going? It's just so sad to hear her crying like that Should I leave her in the little crate while i'm at work, instead of the pseudo-expen?
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Welcome Revi. I just wanted to say HI and tell you I have one of Katie's girls also. Roxie was a year old on Easter Sunday.
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Welcome Revi!
When I first got Oliver I was on vacation as well but I forced myself to leave him home alone for short periods during the day. I wanted to make it easier on him when I did go back to work.
It seemed to work

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Hi Revi! Nice to meet you and Noa. I agree with all your being told. You need to leave her for short durations so she can get used to it. Using the larger crate with a pee pad is setting yourself up for trouble IMO. It's the same basic thing that happens when someone gets a pup from a petstore window where the pups eat, sleep and pee all in the same spot (usually sawdust). They don't define separate spaces for each duty and can be hell to housebreak.
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First welcome to the forum!

I agree with the others that teaching a dog to potty in a crate is going to be a no no in the long run. You may just want to make it the 4-6 panel xpen rather than the full size one. I know Lina came up with a great set up for Kubrick (sorry can't find the pic but maybe someone with better searching skills can). The short burst are good and remember not to have a party when she comes out even though it is hard. You don't want her to think of it as a jail rather her safe place. For my puppy, I would place him in there with a bully stick that he loves so he had something to concentrate on.

Good luck and keep us posted


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separation anxiety

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