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Does Your Puppy Scream at Bath Time?

My puppy cries during her bath, and if i use the blow dryer... watch out! It's like I'm killing her. I can only get her a bit and then I just can't stand it and I stop. Is this normal? It's heartbreaking to hear her screaming! Will she get better?

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Oh my gosh! No, mine don't scream. They aren't happy, but they will just stand there and let me wash them. When I first started, tjey would try to escape, but now they are OK with it.

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Originally Posted by Addrian View Post
My puppy cries during her bath, and if i use the blow dryer... watch out! It's like I'm killing her. I can only get her a bit and then I just can't stand it and I stop. Is this normal? It's heartbreaking to hear her screaming! Will she get better?
She will get better. Stay calm, reward her good behavior with treats, make it light and easy. Even if there's no "good behavior" we'll say it's good behavior anyways and thank her for beign so good! Each time will become easier and easier and you must not give up! She needs to become used to bathing and brushing and combing because this will be a part of her life. If you plan to grow her out to a full coat she will blow coat at 10 months to a year and by then you want her to be relaxed and comfortable with plenty of combing and brushing. Even if you plan to have her cut short with a groomer, your groomer will expect her to behave during grooming to some degree.
Don't worry, it really does get easier and treats help!
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She will probably get better. Make it as safe, warm and inviting a time (lots of treats) as possible. Hugs, good girl, try a smear of cream cheese on the side of the sink for her to lick. Let her run like hell afterward. If you put a towel on the floor she will roll around in it, run like hell, and get fairly dry. Then try the blow dryer with that cream cheese on the table. It should work for about 5 minutes of quiet. It is important to get her hair combed out after the bath to prevent mats, especially on her neck and legs.

Lola likes to play with my blow dryer when I do my own hair, so it has turned into a thing she likes. It has taken her a year to get used to the bath. She futzes around a bit, but I keep the water warm and she likes the spray nozzle on her back and legs. All I can say is keep at it, and power through the whining. Because there ain't no way around Hav bath time! Good luck.

---Little Lola a.k.a. Princess Pee and Poop and her humom Anne

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She will get better and right now she is trying to win. I gave Cicero lots of foot baths and blowed them dry. Short sessions and helped him get use to being cleaned. Some days I would take him out and run him in the yard to tire him out -- then just give him a rinse in the tub with only conditioner. I would hold him in a towel to wick away lots of water before I blowed dry. I brush several times a day...and try to pick times when he is ready for a nap. I treat and sing to him. He now loves his bath times and sleeps during brushing. Just keep trying because grooming is a BIG part of their lives...and it will work better each time.

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Oh my! Mine don't like baths, but neither one screams. Brutus will try to hide and play keep away from us at bath time--he has learned to recognize the word spelled. Roxie just shakes prior to actually entering the bath. Both are great during the bath and they love bing blow dried. I agree with the person who allows the dog to play when the poerson is drying her own hair.
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I think it just takes a lot of practice and remember to be in charge and end when you want to end, not when she is throwing her fit. Even if you are about to come to an end. I would put the dryer down. Maybe brush and then cookie. Just make sure you at least seem like you are quitting when you want not when she wants.

I am sure my breeder was bathing my puppy a lot cause he is fine with baths and even the force dryer right when he came home. He just stand there and expects loving. He does do a little bit of battle on trimming his feet so we just do short burst of mommy playing with his feet for cookies.

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How old is she? That sounds aweful! Im sure your doing everything right but just to be sure, is the water too warm or the dryer to close to her skin and possibly to hot? If everything is comphterable for her and she has no reason to be upset other tha she just doesnt like it then I would do like was already suggested with treats and praise. She may also be reacting to your being upset. I hope it works out OK.

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Neither of my dogs ever screamed, barked or cried when bathing them. Missy has always been easy to groom, she likes to stay close to me during I am usually a little wet after bathing her.

When Missy was a puppy I would let her chew on her favorite chew while I was drying her. I give lots of loving during bathing and brushing.
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i have never given my dog a bath, i leave that up to the groomer, and boy does he not like it! he screams when she picks up his paws to trim his nails in anticipation of whats going to happen. it's awful but she's really good and he only has to go thru it once a month.he only freaks out during the nail clipping part, then he's quiet, shakes but quiet. very sad!
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