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Uggg Potty Training

So we have had our puppy for about three weeks now, and he is doing very well-except for potty training. He was 100% paper trained when we got him home, and that lasted 2-3 days. Now he pees everywhere, and I'm not sure what to do. I take him out often, when he wakes up, eats, drinks, ect. I clean up pee messes right away with a cleaner that I think takes the smell out. He even pees on people when they pick him up!

He will pee outside a bit, then come in and pee within 5 minutes inside too. Yesterday he peed 5 times within a 5 minute period that I was checking email, and that was right after he went outside. I feel like I'm not gaining any groud here-even losing it.

I have had other pups, but they were large breeds, and one had maybe three accidents in the house the whole time I was training him.
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I can understand your frustration...our Hav puppy has been home a week and until yesterday was doing really well potty training.
Yesterday he had 3 pee accidents! Mainly it was my fault for letting him roam free part of the day.
It seemed like everytime I turned around he would be squatting. UGGH!
Do you keep your pup crated or in a exercise pen when he's inside?
That makes a huge difference for my puppy...he stays in his crate when I'm busy doing stuff around the house or tethered to me on his leash when possible.
I take him out every hour unless he's sleeping and in between if I think that he may have to go.
When he pee's outside I say "GOOD BOY" and give him a small treat...he's learned that treats follow pee/poo and so he's excited for potty time now.
We usually have a long play session after potty time and then go outside again before crating up.

If he's having a really hard time I would suggest investing in some puppy pads and and exercise pen for him if you don't already have them.
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I agree with the crate training. It was a life saver for us. I know that Cooper (and my bichon mix) would have had many more accidents then they did without the crate.
Like you, I've always had big dogs. They were all 100% trained by 3 months. Cooper was over a yr before I could even say he was 75%. He'll be 2 in a few months, and I'd say we're at ohh...90%? He still goes in a crate when we leave the house. I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust him.

Oh, and the submissive/exicitement peeing when people pick him up. Or whatever you wanna call it. Try to get that taken care of ASAP. Our Daisy is 3 and still pees when people walk in the door..even us

I've read a lot of great advice on here with house breaking. So, maybe you'll get some good info. Good luck!!

Tritia, Daisy, Cooper, and Bodie.
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I agree, crate or x-pen is the way to go. Guapo has had only a handful of accidents since the day we brought him home (and it's been about 2 monsh). Thanks, Lina, for the loaner pen! We have a pee pad in the pen and one outside (because he's picky about where he poops). I think if you crate train you never get them used to a pad, but since we both work all day we want Guapo to always been able to use the pad even after he graduates from the pen.

I wish I could help with the excitement pee, but I know I've read about it in one of the other threads. I'm sure others on the forum will have more on that.

Good luck!

Michelle (pic of Alan and Guapo)
"When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated" - Sara Paretsky
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We understand. Everything was looking really good for training Stella to the piddle pad in her xpen. Then, it was as if she decided she forgot, or didn't want to, or was checking out the rules. What we found, is that we thought she was trained to the pad but that didn't make it necessarily so... in anycase we had forgotten about the treats as she had seemed to be doing so well. So, after an accident we went back to treating her when she did use the piddle pad, and so far all is good again. We've also started clicking our clickers when she does something we want her to do, followed by treats. Consistency doesn't mean you give up even when you think she understands.

We would be nutty mommas had we not had an xpen. She gets to come out of the xpen for 10 minutes of RLH and 10-5 minutes of training, and some cuddle time on the couch, and then it's back in the xpen. We do this at least 6 times a day, when she is awake.

HOWEVER, here is an xpen warning ... this afternoon we all came home from shopping, Stella was in her xpen in the family room, we were in the kitchen putting away groceries and making lunch. Suddenly, our little baby started screaming at the top of her lungs. She had tried to get out of the xpen, managed to squeeze her head through the opening she made between the two pieces, but now the metal bars started squeezing her neck and she couldn't go forward or backward. We were only steps away so the situation was resolved quickly and no harm done. But, this is a warning to always use both latches/clips, not just one, when using an xpen.

My heart is still beating way too fast. If we hadn't been home and had left the pen with only one latch on... <egads>
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I hear your pain. We have had Pele' for a month now. And I have to say, that this is the first week that I feel like we are really making progress. The first week, he was just like your pup, peeing every 5 minutes. We've been very diligent and finally came up with taking him out 5, 10, 15 minutes after he eats/drinks and every 30 minutes after that. Any accidents is when we go beyond the 30 minutes. But this week, I have noticed he is able to go much longer. I am doing the crate when I am out of the house, the pen when we are home, and treats for every pee and poop. Just keep on doing what you're doing, it will get better. It is so great to finally say that!!! "It will get better!!!"

Dawn Conder
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Some dogs get real excited when they hear someone coming in the door -- and if you act excited to see them, then they get even more excited...and pee. Try ignoring them when you come in for a few minutes till they act calm, then pet them. Ask other that come in to ignore them for a while also. You can also teach them to "sit - stay" before you open the door for visitors and ask vistors to ignore for a few minutes. It's hard for a dog to pee while sitting.

Cicero trained Dale & Ronnie
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Great replies everyone-thanks. I am just not sure about the expen with pee pad training. I want a dog that goes outside to potty. It seems like nobody does this with Havs. I read Tom's thread about potty first, then housetraining, and I see the wisdom in that. I had a pom for 11+ years before our Hav, and she was crate trained, and went pee and poop outside about 95% of the time. I can handle that. I just don't want to be stuck using pee pads and penning up my dog forever-how long do you all usually do that?
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Pee pads and the ex-pen are just for training purposes--thraining the dog and training the human. Both of my dogs go outside only now and have a doggy door, but the pee pads are to keep them from feeling like they have failed, when they were not provided the opportunity to pee outside.
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That makes total sense Cheryl. Does anyone think it's odd that he pees 45 times within 5-10 minutes? I've read here to use vinegar-does that work well?
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