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Unhappy Help!! I feel like a failure already!

Well, we brought home our new addition to the family....8 week old Sammy! Summer (our other 1 year old Hav, and Sammy's half sister) is still trying to figure it all out lol!

Anyway, we REALLY wanted to successfully crate train Sammy...something we were lax on with Summer and wanted to do right this time. Anyway, we got home from the airport with Sammy about 1pm yesterday. All seemed to be going smoothly with Sammy being in the crate, entertaining himself & napping and then coming out for potty & play breaks. Once evening hit however, when we put him in the crate he went berzerk...barking, whining & crying very loudly forever. He just would not let up, and I know he did not need to eat, drink or potty because he already had....this was pure LET ME OUTTA HERE!!! It went on for the rest of the evening and throughout the majority of the night. I know giving in and letting them out of the crate is giving in to what they want, and once you do it one time that it will get worse the next time.

After his early morning breakfast, potty & playtime, I tried again to crate him (while in the same room as I was) and he again went crazy...barking, jumping, biting at the crate door. I tried to sit there and put my fingers in to calm him but nothing would work so I gave up and let him out! He calmed down almost immediately and went to sleep right by my feet.

Do any of you have any advice? Am I overreacting? !!!!!

Thank you so much,


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I would love to offer you some advice, but I didn't have much luck with crate training any of my dogs, except for them eating their meals in them. Good luck. I am sure you will get some good help from forum members and know it is discussed in many other threads. Just do a search for crate training.

One more thing, where are the pictures?????

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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I stayed with my breeder/great friend/professional dog trainer and witnessed how crate training should work. First the crate has to be a wonderful place, it should contain toys, something to chew. Her dogs (and now my dog) are fed in their crates, given treats in their crates. They are let out often to exercise and play. But when it's time to go in the crate to sleep they are first walked then are put in for the night. Your dog is barking for attention, which you are giving him, thus rewarding the barking. You really need to ignore the barking, if you must use ear plugs <g>. But if you want to succeed, that's what you need to do.

Here's a link from the Havanese Rescue site specifically about Crate Training. That site has so much information which I'm sure you'll find helpful.

Good luck, you are doing the right thing and I know you can succeed, but you need to be consistent.


With love from Coral Gables, FL
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Oh, BTW, I was reading the document and they suggest covering the pup when barking with a light weight sheet or towel. I did this with Dorie and it really does work.


With love from Coral Gables, FL
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Do you have an ex-pen? An ex-pen gives them a little more room to move around and play, while still having a pee pad. I only crated mine at night.

BTW--8 weeks is very young.
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Maybe the crate is scaring him from the airport experience...all the *noises* of the plane, etc, and he has a bad association with it now?

You'll have to make it a non-scary place for him and just take your time, sit there with him and reassure him and build up the time. Add treats/praise, etc.

I am not one to give crate advice, since I didn't do it, lol but I think you'll just have to change his perception of the crate and that will take a little time and work, but it can be done! Hang in there!

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I never really had much luck crate training either. But I didn't put a lot of effort into it really. I live in a condo and all the barking wasn't appropriate. The funny thing is when I brought home my second Hav, Brando, he wouldn't go in it but everytime I looked for Bogart he was in there sleeping and he hated using it as a puppy. I now have no crate in my home because they only place they would sleep in it was in the living room. It was too much of an eye sore in the living room so now I have 3 pillows throughout my home.
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Did your breeder do any crate training with him at all? I was lucky since my breeder crate trains so my little one was off to a great start! 8 weeks is very young, most breeders don't let them go until 10 weeks old. Do you have an ex-pen? I use the pen and the crate both. I think you may be having way too much time in the crate. The crate here is for nighttime only and they rest of the day we use the ex-pen inbetween playtimes.
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to the Forum Jen,

Crate training can be hard, but not impossible. I only crated Bugsy at night and during the day, when I couldn't watch him, I put him in a play pen. Did you buy a play pen for him??

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Eight weeks is a little early. That's also the time when they go through that fear stage. I so didn't want to get Bailey before he was a little older so he had as much time as he needed with his mama and siblings but he arrived, unheralded as it turned out, just before he was nine weeks old. I was lucky. He's fearless.

As for the crate training. I too only used the crate at night and had no problem after the first night with Bailey settling into it quickly and falling asleep. I do keep them in a confined area since I've had ongoing potty training issues with Milo. I just got an ex-pen (I was keeping them gated in the kitchen before this). It's a process. Don't be hard on yourself. It takes time.

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