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Question 1 Million Questions Cont'd - EVO Kibble?

I'm seriously thinking of switching Saydee from Solid Gold Wee Bits to Evo kibble. I've been trying to research it and see so many good things with Evo, but still have a couple of questions. I'd love to hear everyone's input.

She's 17 weeks old and on the dog food analysis website, they suggest Evo's high protein and calcium is "suitable for adult dogs only." Why? Wouldn't higher protein be a great source of energy for a little active pup? Is there a good grain-free kibble for puppies?

I see concerns regarding kidneys and the high protein content, and while I know it's been discussed in this forum, I wonder if the kidney thing is really an issue?

Once a lady at the pet store told me the high protein can make your dog fat. I can't imagine Saydee fat because she's so active, and the higher carbs in kibble with grains seems like it would be more likely to cause weight gain than the high protein...

Which leads to my next question. How much kibble should Saydee be eating at this age? Should dogs have less Evo than "regular" kibble? Right now she has about 1/3 c. Wee Bits with a healthy spoonful of wet food, or some other flavorful garnish 2X a day.

The potato thing. I've read about potato eyes being toxic to doggies. Evo has potatoes and the Natura website says they use the whole potato, including the skin, in Evo. That doesn't make sense to me.

I'm beginning to think that possibly rotating some really good kibbles might be a great idea. For example, a bag of Evo, then a bag of Instinct, then Innova Puppy, etc. Then, if Saydee's getting too much of something, or not enough, from one kibble, the next bag/brand may provide the variety needed. Does anybody else do that?

I've had good results with previous dogs (Maltese) and Innova. I'm wondering if I combined Innova Puppy with Evo, say half and half, I might have a nice balance, particularly if Evo is not good for puppies. Or perhaps there's something else I could add?

I always like to put a little something fresh to the kibble to keep it interesting. Cottage cheese, cubed chicken, a spoon of canned food, shredded cheese, or salmon oil. Any other yummy suggestions for "spicing" up kibble?

I know there are so many folks on this forum that use Evo for their fur babies. I've tried some samples with Saydee and she really seems to like it alot. I've done so much research lately on dog food my head is spinning. I was convinced Evo was the best kibble for Saydee and now I'm just confused.

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The whole bad for the kidney issue with high protein kibble has largely been debunked. Early tests were done with protein from plant sources which are much harder for the kidneys. If you go to the Orijen website, they do have white paper on it that is definitely worth reading.

Evo is high in calcium and protein. Too much calcium for a puppy is not good. I don't remember the full reason why but I do remember reading about that. Personally I wouldn't feed Evo fully but maybe mix it in with your current food. As indicated Evo and Innova would probably be very good.

Just like any food, too much of it and not enough excersise will make any dog fat. Just follow the recommended feeding instructions on the bag as a guideline. That should do you fine.

It is actually recommended to not keep your dog on one kibble for it's entire life. It can lead to allergies. The recommendation is to find 3 bags of good kibble from 3 different manufacturers and switch them every 3 bags or so. This will give your dog a more varied and healthier diet. What you want to do is provide a balanced diet, not necessarily every day but over time. I feed my guys raw and they get chicken, beef, turkey, bison, lamb, elk, etc

You could also try probiotic plain yogurt, an egg (I recommend bringing water to boil, take off heat, then place the egg in it for 5min. Then feed). You could mix in one egg, some cottage cheese, and some yogurt. Stick it in the freezer til frozen. Then fees in place of a meal. Your dog will love it.

Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrate, which are also a good source of B vitamins and other minerals . If a potato gets green patches on it, that contains solanine, which is very bad for both humans and dogs, though dogs seem to have a particularly bad reaction to it. Potato sprouts also have a good deal of solanine in it. You wouldn't eat them because they taste extremely foul, though dogs can be dumb that way. Solanine isn't cooked away; it's stable at the temperatures we cook potatoes at.

You'll want to cut away green patches on potatoes before you cook them just because it doesn't taste good, but there's not enough in there to do you any real harm, either, at least not in a single potato. You should certainly cut away any sprouts, too, for the same reason.

So... if your dog gets into a bunch of sprouted potatoes, and is dumb enough to eat them, things may not turn out well. And one baked potato isn't going to kill your dog; there's just not that much solanine in it. And since the solanine is only on the skin, a dog can safely eat peeled potatoes until it hurls.

In fact, many dog food manufacturers put potatoes in their dog foods as an inexpensive and tasty filler. Such things are perfectly safe because they start with peeled potatoes.

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Hi Maya,

All of this aside, you just have to try it to see if agrees with your actual dog. I tried Evo and it was just too rich for my boys - it gave them the runs. Good luck!

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I assume that Saydee is doing well on Solid Gold. Since this is a relatively good dog food, is there a reason to switch?

I am one the opposes high protein in puppies for no reason.
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Sully is so darn picky, he loves Evo big bites they really are not that big either. But he is forced to chew them. His coat is looking great with it, and the poo is tiny!!!

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I mix two kibbles for my dogs- now it is Evo with Grammies- I like the grammies cause it will get the gravy more but I think nutrition, I like the Evo better. I think my guys would probably do fine on all Evo as they seem to do fine on high protein. Not one of them is overweight but Belle put on some weight. Solid Gold was probably the best at her gaining weight though. I just like the idea of having two kibbles mixed together so all their nutrition doesn't come from one.

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You should be able to get free samples of Evo to see how Saydee does. I get mine at my groomers and they have little sample bags and will let me have as many as I want.

I switched Max to Evo a month ago. The only difference I see is he doesn't eat as much. I'm going to get the red meat next time because he seemed to like the sample I had.



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Thanks everybody.

Daniel, I appreciate the advice. I agree, alternating foods sounds like a good plan. She really seems to like Evo - it's the only kibble I've found that she will eat plain! So far no issues with loose stool, etc. However, I think I will go ahead and mix it with the Solid Gold or Innova while she's a puppy. I don't want to take any chances with her health.

Cheryl - Solid Gold works just fine for Saydee, as long as I enhance it with wet food, cottage cheese, etc. Otherwise, she will not touch it. Solid Gold Wee Bits is what the breeder had her on, so we've stuck with it.

I do prefer Innova/Evo because I think overall it's just a better quality food. That's just my opinion. I've also seen rating polls and websites like dogfoodanalysis.com that seem to always rank Natura products very high on the list. Just having Saydee on Evo for a few days I've already seen tinier poops. That's a big indicator that the food she is ingesting is more useful to her body, allowing her to absorb more nutrients, producing less waste. Plus, I've heard such glowing reports regarding results of Evo and other higher protein diets from folks on this forum.

Another reason why I'm leaning towards a grain-free diet is that I've heard it can help with tear stains. I have no idea if it will help, but I'd like to give it a go.

I like the reasoning behind a raw diet, but don't feel that I've personally reached that point - yet. In the meantime, Evo is probably the best raw diet alternative kibble.

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Tori is currently on Taste of the Wild kibble. We settled on TOTW because it was the only kibble she'd eat plain, unlike Saydee, she didn't seem to care much for the Evo kibble. She just started her third bag of TOTW, so I may switch her to something else next time. Maybe we'll try Evo again, just in case her taste buds have changed.


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I've seen TOTW but haven't yet tried it. I think it's pretty much like Evo. Do they use potato?
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