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New Puppy Owner--- HELP!

We got our Havanese puppy 4 weeks ago and she is now 14 weeks old. We have ever owned a dog and are in need of some expert advice. For weeks before we brought Pixie home I read and studied, thought I was well prepared, but now I sometimes feel lost.

At this point she has learnedl sit and leave it, she knows her name, came home crate trained at night and doesn't mind it in the day too much for the short times I have her in there. SHe's met quite a few people from kids to adults and a couple of dogs. She gets along with everyone just fine and loved playing with my sister's dog. I'm home with her all the time, so she has our kitchen and family room to roam, and I do watch her VERY closely. She is at the point that she'll go for 45 - 60 minutes without having to go potty. She will ring the bell to go out, but I sometimes don't wait for her to ring it when I think it's "that time".

The issues we're having are:
1 - She'll go for 4 - 5 days without any accidents, then have 1 or 2 in a day. She only goes outside, no newpapers or potty pads. Is this just that she's still young and still learning??? And if so, what is an average age for a Hav to be housebroken?

And 2 - When she gets the zoomies or just excited and playful, she tries to bite.... clothes, fingers, socks, feet. Also when she's done her business (even when it's VERY cold and windy outside) she acts like she wants to come in but kind of growls and jumps around like she doesn't. For her biting I've been reading on these boards that some have had sucess with looking her in the eye, and firmly saying "No bite". We've tried that and when it doesn't work we repeat it and then leave the room for a minute or two. What are we doing wrong???

Sorry this is so long! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Goodness, dont beat yourself up - you are doing NOTHING wrong. She sounds like a normal Havanese puppy!!!!
First of all, going a few days without accidents is great at that age. Their bladders are still growing and it will be a few more months of that before she is fully trained, and quiet honestly, even the adults have accidents every so often.
As far as the biting goes, that too is normal, just tell her no bite - like you do, and I always put a toy in their mouths in place. now my 2 year old greets us with a toy in his mouth EVERY time!
When she poops, she sounds like my Lexi, who gets very excited and wants to play, sticks her butt in the air, barks and tries to interact with us. Is that what she is doing??
I think you should not worry - it sure sounds llike she is normal to me!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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It sounds like Pixie is a very smart well behaved little girl!
Todd was a complete monster at 14 wks.
Chewing on everything, didn't want to listen to a word that anyone said, and he peed and pooped everywhere. Lol
It really wasn't quite that bad but he acted like a puppy and I think that as long as you keep up with the training Pixie will be a well adjusted dog.
It just takes some time and maturity for them to get it all down.
Small dogs have small bladders and Todd (at 6 months) is just now mostly accident free. Some don't potty train until their closer to a year so Pixie's doing really well.
"No Bite" and leaving the room is the perfect way to deal with biting...really, it sounds like your doing a great job.
Just keep up the good work

Eva, Mom to Todd....2 year old short hair Havanese
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It sounds like you have the best puppy in the world....however - it's a puppy!!!

And you sound like a fabulous new mommy....Great job....enjoy this busy stage - like kids - they grow up so fast....


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Man, I'm impressed! !4 weeks and she only has accidents every few days?! Tucker was 5 months old before the light went on in his little head. Until he was about 6 months old I didn't let him go anywhere in the house off leash, meaning he was always attached to me where I could watch him. It got old, for sure, but I'm not willing to have a dog that messes in the house. Once he was about a year old I've been able to trust him totally, and now he can go for up to 10 hours (by mistake, once, long story,) without going out to potty. He's 22 months old. As far as I can determine, he hasn't had an accident in the house for around 10 months now.

Sounds to me like you are doing a great job, and so is Pixie!

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It sounds like you and your puppy are doing great! I still am the one who is trained in putting Gracie out...if I forget, she will have an accident and she is 5 months old.

Do you have a picture of your puppy? WOuld love to see some!
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Wow, those responses were really fast. Thank you all for the encouraging words. Like I said, we knew nothing about puppies or dogs and were starting to wonder what the heck's going on. I'm glad to know this is normal and that I have a wonderful place to go and ask questions!!! Laurief - Yes that's what Pixie does after she goes potty. She kind of acts like she wants to nibble on us... Thanks again for all the responses!!!
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Ivy Hills Havanese
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When my first Hav was at the mouthy stage, I would roll her over on her back and hold her while telling her "no bite". When she settled down and made eye contact, I would let her up. It took a few weeks but then the biting stopped. My only advice is to be consistant with all of your training. It sounds like you are on the right track. You will have an awesome dog with all of the hard work you have done while she is young. Good job.

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It sounds like you're a great mommy, except for one thing... PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!


Max and Cooper
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Sounds like she's doing fine. If anyone wants a puppy to only go outside with no other options and you want to have any life for yourself, like answering the telephone, there are going to be some accidents.

A verbal command to an excited young puppy means about as much as one does to an excited young toddler. Just use a toy for distraction. If you can't get down on the floor with her or aren't quick enough to be able to avoid the teeth while holding the toy, tie a string on a stick and tie the toy to the end. She will get all the exercise she needs and you will only get bellyaches from laughter. Like this but you can easily make something similar: We use a lunge whip from the barn and tie a floppy toy on it.

She'll understand language much better a little later and if she nips other than playing then correct her.

There is no fixed schedule as far as when learning anything happens for them.

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