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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone. I apologize in advance for this very long first post.

I lost my 2 year old little girl, Lola, a maltese-poodle-llaso mix on Dec 1st at a local conservation area when she was attacked and killed by a husky. Both my dogs were off leash at the time, I also have a 4 year old westie, Whiskey. We went there all the time for long walks and never had a problem. Going there was our favorite thing in the world to do. Iíd let them go off-leash (everyone did) while we were on the trails and Iíd leash them when we were on the bike path. Lola got spooked by two shepherd mixes and a husky that started charging her and took off Ė weird because she always came to me when she felt threatened. By the time I got to her (running as fast as I could) the husky had her on the ground and was shaking her to break her neck. She was still shrieking when I scooped her up. She was freaking out and bit my hand. I thought I had saved her, but she then she collapsed in my arms, dead. I have been so consumed grief, anger at the huskyís owner (who was nowhere around when this happened) and guilt for having her off-leash that I have been losing my mind. I will never have any of my dogs off-leash in a public place again.

Well, the happy news is that we received our new baby last Friday. Her name is Lucy. Lucy-Lou. Sheís a beautiful little cream colored havanese girl born on October 7th. Sheís getting along really well with Whiskey - which is a relief. Heís being very sweet and protective of her. He misses his sister Lola.

We had a scare last night when we discovered that the medication the vet had given us for both dogs (panacure Ė for intestinal parasites) had been mismarked and that Lucy had been getting the dosage meant for Whisky, who is 21 lbs heavier. It was her second dose and she seemed a little lethargic after eating it. She had had a little diarrhea the morning after the first dose and my husband told me that she vomited a bit mid-day after I had left for work. My husband, who had given it to them both days before I got home, mentioned that it was strange that Lucyís packet had so much more powder in it than Whiskeyís. I panicked. We called the vet and they couldnít figure out from her file how much medication had been dispensed. I wanted reassurance that this wasnít a life-threatening situation so they wanted us to bring her down. There was a blizzard raging outside, so we wound up taking her to the local emergency center that was much closer. They checked out her vitals and they were fine. They did a blood sugar test and that was within normal range. According to the doggie PDR that they had she hadnít received a lethal dose.

She seems fine this morning. Iím not sure what weíre going to do about a vet going forward, but Iím taking her off all medication for a week so that her stomach can settle down. Can you tell Iím a basket case?

At any rate, I need to figure out what to do about a vet going forward. This one has an excellent reputation, but now Iím skeptical. The emergency center vet didnít want to confirm that Hyannis Veterinary had screwed up and was insistent that they are very competent. But they work on referrals from them. Can you tell Iím a basket case? I just want to relax and enjoy my new baby.

Okay, Iím done ranting. Again, hello all.
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Welcome to the Forums!

Now, Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Breathe, take another breath. Deep Breathe and relax.

So sorry for the death of your past dog.

Good going for watching the puppy. I would think the next time I go into the vet and you are treating both dogs at the same time, I would get the Vet to restate again how much medicine you are to give each dog. And, keep asking yourself, is this a smaller dose for a smaller dog? And, then ask the Vet again.

You are in the right forum! We love to talk too! I want to see some more pictures of the pup. I can barely see her in your little picture over there. Please............ she looks so cute!
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I'm trying to attach a photo taken this morning. Let's see if it works.
Attached Images
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Welcome! I am so sad to read your story about Lola. I can only imagine that heartache you must have gone through. I hope that your new baby can help fill that void in your heart. She is just adorable.

Now, I am not sure what I would do about the vet. You may want to talk to them further. I think it they are able to make you feel better about the situation, I would stay with them. If not, I would find a new vet. Did you get her from a local breeder? Maybe they could recommend a vet for you.

Try to relax and enjoy your new baby! They grow so fast. My little one is about to turn 5 months and I can't believe how big he is now.

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Lucy is soooooooooooo cute! Thanks for posting the extra picture!
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Henry 2006-2018/ Kordelia
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Welcome to the forum!
I am so sorry about your little Lola. It was an awful accident by all means (you being there with the dogs off-leash and that husky). I am sure you have wonderful memories of Lola and she will be waiting for you at that bridge. In the meantime she's chasing squirels and birds and running.

Welcome to little Lucy. Glad to hear Whiskey has another little playmate and someone to teach dog-stuff to.
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I can't imagine being in your situation back then, watching as your poor little baby was attacked. That is definitely a life altering situation and one in which you learned a good lesson. As for your new adorable little girl, I personally would not go back to that vet. I could never risk them making a "mistake" like that again. There has to be another vet somewhere in your area that you can use. Ask around and see who other people use and like. How terrifying for you.

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First welcome to the forum

I am so sorry for the passing of your Lola this way. I have a good friend who lost her dog in a very similar manner to an Akita mix. What a horrible way to lose your best friend and to be there to witness it. I think sometimes those big guys really have some instinct take over.

Congrats on your new addition though. I have been thru a vet office that messed up and gave the lepto shot to my maltese. It is very confusing. I would just be extra sure you are on top of things when you go, or if you can't feel comfortable again (I couldn't cause I made such a big deal about them not giving her the shot), I would begin looking for a new vet. Vets are people and mistakes do happen. We just have to be the ones to look out for our furkids.

BTW, Lucy has adorable golden ears And make sure to share some Lucy and Whisky pics when you get a chance!

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss, and hope you will find some comfort here on the forum

Lucy looks like the cutest, sweetest little Hav!! I am happy to hear that she pulled though ok...

Several years ago a Vet Tech gave one of our dogs an overdose of Prednesone and we didn't suspect anything until we were on our boat with her on a camping trip. Thank God she pulled through! I didn't change Vets as my particular Vet was not responsible and many times he had pulled my dogs through emergency situations. Now, 28 years and 7 dogs later we have not had another mishap. I can tell you that after this experience I was sure to check the meds they dispensed to me and give them a verbal heads up before they administered any other shots..which is good avice to everyone.

-diane, Sophie and Gabriel's personal servant
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Welcome to the board...
I am so, so, sorry for the loss of your sweet Lola. We have an area up here where many people let their dogs off leash...and I one time saw a dalmatian attack a yorkie (the yorkie was on leash)...but luckily she was able to scoop him up quickly and he was okay. You just never know about other peoples dogs.
I'm glad everything is okay after the overdose of panacur...I just had Gracie on it and after the first day, she had a tummy ache and threw up a bit...but then everything got better...I can't imagine a triple dose...poor thing.
She is a cutie pie!!! Look forward to seeing more pictures of her!
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