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Mom to Oakley
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Need help with the Poop eating


I have a 5 1/2 month old Havanese named Oakley. We got her from the breeder at 4 months old. She had Giardia and still has it - she has been on medication since we got her. Anyways, she eats her poop - whenever she gets a chance. We stand outside with her and try to scoop as she does it, but she likes to go in behind out hedges and poop and eat there. Soo gross. Does anyone have any ideas to stop this. We started her on Excel last night - it is a pill that is supposed to make her poop taste gross (?).

Is this normal? Is it a puppy thing that they out grow?

If it wasn't for the poop eating she would be the most amazing dog.


Take Care, Moe
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What kind of dog food is she on?
Miley did this when she was on Iams. Once we swithced her to Blue Buffalo, she hasn't done it.

Renee, Miley, & Copper too!

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."
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The 3 Amigos
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I would definitely look into the food that you are feeding. First item people usually check is the protein level they are getting from their current food. Most poor quality dog foods are pretty low in protein. Try looking for a grain free product as well.

Check for good quality foods. You want something from the 5 and 6 star categories.

Once you make the switch, it is possible that it has now become a bad habit, so just make sure you keep an eye out on her.

Chances are if your parents never had won't either...
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Mom to Oakley
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Thanks for the advice, we currently use NOW food which is grain free. The website rates NOW puppy food as a 4. Only thing is I have a huge bag of it. She won't eat it any more. She just leaves it sitting there. I think maybe I should get some canned food that is a 5 or 6 and mix it with the kibble. I tried that Excel - which is a poop eating deterrent - a pill. However, she hid in the bushes this afternoon and ate her poop.

I tried Oakley on Natural Balance (or something like that) and she loved it last night and would look at it this morning.

I heard some people feeding raw - but I am not sure what that is.

I don't want to change her food too much or she will get a sore tummy.

Take care


Take Care, Moe
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Moe, first Oakley is adorable. and you are not alone. There are a lot of threads on here about poo eating (coprophagia.) I would do a search through the threads there is a lot of info and support. There are many reasons, from trying to hide the evidence, to being festidiously clean, to vitamin deficiencies in what I think was the case for us...hunger.

I remember the first time I realized Cash was poo eater...he was chewing something under the table and it looked like he was truly savoring it...(whatcha got there buddy? ewwwwww.) we tried everything... forbid, pumpkin, pinapple juice in his food...tabasco on the tootsie rolls... the best result was leashing him when we thought it was time to go so we could snatch it up. We knew we were in for a long haul when my DH witnessed Cash twist into a pretzel to get the tootsie roll on the way out. We feel he was really just hungry.

Through trial and error and his tendency to being overweight...we tried him on a no kibble diet. We use the Natures Variety raw medallions, I am not recommending this...but I cook them...cause I can't do raw. Low and behold he lost interest in his poop 99.5% of the time. Interestingly enough, I just tried to get him back on some kibble (taste of the wild...high protein) Because he seemed to be a bit constipated from the medallions... sure enough after 3 weeks on the kibble he started eating his poo again. I don't know if it is the carbs (potato in the grain free kibbles) that makes him hungrier...but he seems to do best with limited carbs. If Oakley has been on a grain free diet...perhaps it is worth trying one of the good standard diets. Innova or Fromm's, or Merrick. All dogs are different, where as Cash does best on limited carbs, Jasper comes alive on a grain based diet.

good luck. I never in my life thought I could love a poo eater the way I do.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Hi Moe,

Where abouts in Ontario are you from? I feed raw.. let me know if you need any help!


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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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Hi Moe! There's a product called SEP (Stop Eating Poo) that worked for us, we got it at the petstore. You sprinkle it on their food and they don't even know it's there. You can also try taking Oakley out on a leash at potty time so you can control where she goes and immediately clean it up. Someone also told me to stand over the poo and say "MINE" loudly or "LEAVE IT" and then clean it up. You want her to know it isn't hers.

Oakley is a cutie!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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Mom to Oakley
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Hi Ryan

I live in Burlington. Where do you get raw and call me stupid but what exactly is it? Do you mean just raw meat? Can I buy it in the pet store?


Take Care, Moe
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Mom to Oakley
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Hi Missy

Thank you so much for all your help. It is nice to know that I am not alone.

I tried the hot sauce on the poop tonight, and Oakley sniffed and sniffed and sniffed some more, but she didn't try to eat it. My plan was to leave it out in the back yard as a reminder, however, there is alot of snow coming down right now, so it is covered up.

I am pretty sure Oakley is hungry, she is sniffing around and barking at the kitchen counter.

I have never heard of Innova, Fromm or Merrick.

Is that a picture of Cash with the red coat on? Too cute.


Take Care, Moe
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I don't think he is hungry

A lot of my friend's puppies did this...and Riki did, but Daisy never did. Riki was eating a puppy food and as soon as I switched it to a different food, he stopped...that and a lot of leave it as was suggested before.

Riki started training when he was 16 weeks. Leave it was one of the first things he learned...meaning the poop!

Sometimes early problems lead to really good solutions that help you improve their training and better food.

And good friends you make on the Forum!

I didn't just get havanese, I got a lifestyle!
Loving Havanese since 2003
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