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Lotus, Mochi's mom
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Update on Mochi!

It has been about two weeks since I pleaded for help on this forum. I just wanted to give everyone an update and you all sooo much for all your advice and kind words! These past two weeks have given me the most grueling and rewarding experiences I could ever imagine.

First of all, she is the most INREDIBLE puppy. She has grown so much in such a short amount of time. After the first 2-3 nights, she is completely crate trained and goes into her crate w/o complaint. On most nights sleeps straight through to about 6:30AM. (She can hold her pee for almost 8 hrs, amazing!!) She will only make soft whimpers if she needs to go potty and then go back to sleep.

She is also ex-pen trained and she will play in the ex-pen by herself or mostly sleep. That took a little longer for her to get accustomed to, she would cry for hours before, but now she may just give a few cries and then she immediately settles down. I was so worried about SA, but she definitely likes her pen now. If we play with her too much, sometimes she'll run to the pen to get put in.

Recently, I noticed she would limp sometimes, just a few hops and then back to normal. At first, it broke my heart b/c I thought she had some sort of serious deformity. I took her to the vet yesterday and it turns out that she has a medial luxating patella in one of her knees. That was definitely a rollercoaster experience as I thought she had a hip problem. Loose kneecaps seem like nothing compared to what I thought!

Housebreaking is still something I am working on. She seems to know to go on the ugodog but if I don't change the peepad after awhile, she'll find somewhere else to go. I guess she doesn't like to pee in the same spot!

If anyone has read this entire essay (once I start, it's hard to stop), I only have two small issues with her. One is, she doesn't seem very food motivated. It is really difficult at mealtime because she is a very slow eater. I have tried everything to get her to eat. Take the food away after 15 min, wet the kibble, etc. The most successful way is to have her lay down on a pillow and feed her one piece of kibble at a time.... but that is very time consuming!! I am worried b/c I know she is a growing puppy and don't understand why she isn't going crazy about her food? I have tried both Innova and Wellness puppy food, and I know they are top quality. I have also tried sprinkling it with liver... I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if maybe it's b/c she's still a puppy?

Another one is... she isn't very cuddly. I was also wondering if that's something she will grow into. She always wants to play, I will try cuddling her in my lap but she will always want to get out. The only time she is still is if I stand up and she is in my arms high off the ground. Even if I'm sitting in a chair she will try to jump off the chair. I thought puppies love to cuddle I want to cuddle!

Sorry I wrote such a long post.. I just wanted to share all my highs and lows with everyone. And of course, some pictures!
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The pictures of Mochi are adorable and I'm glad to hear things are going better. It sounds like you have a winner. It sounds like Mochi may not be a cuddler - some dogs just aren't. There are many on the forum who have dogs that may like being near their human but not necessarily sitting in their lap cuddling. That's not to say she'll always be like that, but no guarantees. You'll also find many who struggle with picky eaters. My solution - not necessarily the best - has been to combine the kibble with canned food. That's the only way Tess will eat it. I also feed raw at one meal instead of kibble. You definitely don't want to get in the habit of feeding her by hand - imagine having to do that every day for the next 17 years!!!

Keep the pictures coming!

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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Our older pup, Paco, was also a terrible eater when he was younger (he just turned 1 yr. old last week). We tried different small amounts of "human" additive - grated cheese, real bacon bits, wetting the kibble with a tablespoon of beef soup, mixing in a tablespoon of sauted ground chicken, etc. All of these worked. In recent months, he has become a better eater. However, even now, we sometimes must employ the approach of sweetening his kibble with human food (we also discovered that mixing in a little wet dog food from one of the meal size packets some companies sell - such as Nutro -also does the trick). We feed him twice a day now, and that also has helped - he is hungrier at mealtime than when he was on 3 meals a day.

Our younger pup, Luke, is not a cuddler either. It surprised us because Paco loved to cuddle. However, now that we've had Luke for 5 months, we are noticing a definite change. While he still prefers his bed to our laps, he has become a real kisser and will roll over at the drop of a hat for us to give his tummy a rub. He has always been much, much shyer than Paco, and my theory is he just needed more time to get truly comfortable with us. Your puppy does sound more like Luke in that way (he was more of a crier when we got him; Paco has never cried), so maybe it just takes time.

Harvey, Paco and Luke
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Mom to Dusty and Indie
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Sounds like things are going really well for you! Mochi is absolutely adorable!
I hope someone with more experience with young puppies can answer your questions better than I can.
I will say that I think more cuddliness will come with time. My two havs vary in how cuddly they are, but both enjoy a lap now and again! You may find that Mochi is more cuddly at certain times of the day, or when she's tired. I suspect she's just a young, active puppy that doesn't like to sit still very much yet. I also have one that likes to curl up next to us to sleep, but will get up and move if we try and pet her when she's resting. She comes for lap time at other times, but not when she's tired.
I wish you continued fun with Mochi. Don't stress out and enjoy her!

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My Tucker wasn't nearly as interested in cuddling as he was in playing when he was little. That gradually changed as he got older. Now, if I'm sitting on the couch he is usually pressed up against me. (Not on my lap, though, but I usually have a text book there.)

Most dog people say not to worry about them eating much, that they'll eat if they are hungry. I don't know for sure...however, I sure wouldn't feed her by hand!!

I LOVE the photo of her in the bed on her back. Sweet!

Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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What did the vet say about the medial luxating patella in her knee? Does it require surgery or anything? Could it also happen to the other leg? He really is cute!


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Valentino's Mom, Vicki
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Moki is a showstopper! Cute! Glad things are progressing well! I think the problems you mentioned have been pretty common here with others. I know you will get the answers you need!
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Showstopper is right!! Oh my she is absolutely adorable - and those eyes!!!!
I am in love, and if that lack of cuddling, or potty training is too much for you - NJ is where she needs to be
I would check with the vet about the food issue, mine never had a problem like that.
I will say that I think some Havs are REAL cuddlers, and some are not. But I am sure a lot of it is she just needs to get used the family. Maybe it will just take her a little longer to cuddle more.

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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I just recently brought home a rescue pup that had to be hand fed or she wouldn't eat. I got her because the owner did not take the time to make sure she ate and the pup was severely underweight and having hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) attacks. Small dogs (especially under 2 or 3 lbs) are very prone to this and they are dangerous or even fatal. A hungry dog does not necessarily eat. So I would say please keep hand feeding her if this is the only way she will eat! She sounds like she is a very active puppy and does need to eat, even if it means you force her to.

Your mission is to find a food that she will eat on her own. This is tricky because it involves trying different foods and that becomes expensive, not to mention you have to be careful that they don't get upset tummies.

I have had much success in taking picky eaters and turning them into vigorous, enthusiastic chubby dogs because I fed raw food. I have never had a dog turn up their nose at raw. This is not something you can just jump into. You need to educate yourself on raw food and prepare her tummy somewhat (she is so young, there will be very little preparation though). I suggest you check out the raw food threads here and Google BARF diet and read about that too. If it looks like something you are interested in then either PM me, ask questions here.

Switching dogs to raw was the quickest and easiest solution for me (I have personally switched 7 dogs with varying issues successfully). I may be something you want to consider.

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MacGyver's Mom
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Mochi is absolutely adorable! MacGyver wasn't very cuddly as a puppy, but now (2 1/2) his favorite place is in a lap. He also can be picky, but we don't give in, other than putting a treat in his food. That seems to work most of the time. He used to like to have us throw a few pieces on the floor first, but he seems to be over that phase. He's changing all the time, and I'll bet Mochi will, too.

MacGyver's Mom
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