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Mom to two silly babies!
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Bringing Home Puppy

Hello all,
I will be going to Colorado to pick up my new baby in a little less than three weeks But seeing as it is a eight hour trip back home, I was wondering what you all would recommend for the potty breaks that will need to occur during the time. I've tried to find answers, but all I find is "don't let them go in the doggy area at a rest stop." I know that his/her immune system will not be ready to take that on, but it never says *where* to take the puppy during this time. I did buy most of the things for new puppy this weekend including getting some pee pads especially for the trip home. (The puppy will be potty trained to go outside in the fenced backyard ) I thought we could stop in a parking lot and lay down a few pads at a time so he/she can walk around on them and go number one or number two. Is this a good idea? Any other things that can happen during our trip home that I should prepare for? When I got Pumpkin, I got her from a pet store (before I knew about getting puppies from reputable breeders ) So I had less than a twenty minute drive home and never dealt with this before.
Another question--do you think it's better to get an ex-pen or free-standing gate that I can move around to keep puppy with me and in sight distance?
Anything else you think I should know about being a first time Hav owner? I did buy "The Havanese" book and am making my way through it.
Thanks for all your help!!!

Danaile, Pumpkin, and SAM!
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Bugsy's Mom
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Welcome to the forum Danaile.
You have a long trip ahead of you, but lots of people on this forum have made the trip and I am sure will chime in. First, do you know which puppy you will be getting? The reason I ask is that if you do, the breeder can start taking you puppy out in the car for a few minutes at a time to let him/her get used to the car. Each day she can add a minute or two so that at the end of three weeks the puppy will be really used to the car.

Here are some if the things you will want to bring with you.
Paper Towels and regular towels (in case the puppy get sick)
Nature's Mircle stain remover to clean up the mess
Water bottle and a bowl (to drink once you stop for a break)
Food and food bowl (just in case, you never know)
I also recommend a cat seat, you can strap the puppy in, they can see everything and be close to you. Here's a link to the one a lot of us have:

As far stopping at the rest area, I wouldn't worry about pee pads, but just walk around the area where there are no dogs and do his/her business.

Good luck,

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Mom to two silly babies!
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Thanks for the welcome!!!
The breeder is still going to be choosing which ones she will be keeping, as well as the sire's owner. But she did say that she took the puppies for a car ride to the vet today and they did not like it so much--and so that meant more car rides for the puppies. Plus she does know how long of a trek we (my mom and maybe one of my sisters will be going as well) will be making.
I did buy Nature's Miracle (haven't had to have/use that in over a year) but wouldn't have thought to bring that along--and thank you for reminding me to bring paper towels and towels. Such simple things, that I might have overlooked.
Thank you for all your help--I appreciate it!!!!

Danaile, Pumpkin, and SAM!
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We put potty pads down in the back of the SUV and potty them there when they're young. It works very well for us. One time on the way to a show before Bandit was old enough to go in the ring but just to get her used to the whole thing we let her potty in a rest stop. She was FULL of burrs that I spent 2 hours pulling out.

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Kubrick & Hitchcock's Mom
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Hi and to the forum Danaile! Julia pretty much covered what I was going to say... I did want to add Wet Wipes as well as they are good at cleaning up the puppy if he gets sick. Also, and expen is probably better than a gate unless you are gating off a very small area for the puppy each time.

Good luck!

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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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I'd bring an old pillow if you have one, Scooter loves to curl up on a pillow in a lap when he's in the car. We've taken him to the beach a few times and he sleeps the entire time in the car and hasn't gotten sick. We can tell if he has to go potty because he'll get very restless.

Bring a few trash bags just in case the puppy does get sick so you can clean up the mess and tie it into a bag. I'd also buy some doggie clean up bags, all pet stores have them, so you can clean up after you puppy goes potty when you stop for breaks.

I'd get someone else to drive so you can hold the puppy on the way home!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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Welcome to the forum I think this is going to be a very LONG three weeks. The wait is always the hardest. think you got lots of good advise, I agree on the wet wipes, I find I use them a lot.
I would put the pee pee pads down in an area away from the doggy area at the rest stop, this way you have a better chance of being away from anything the other dogs might have.
You might find too, that the pup may be so nervous that he/she might very well hold it till you get home.

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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Danaile, to the forum and congrats on your new puppy. I can't wait to see the pics. Everyone already gave very good advice. I think your puppy will do great in the car, especially with the help of your mom and sister.

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I agree with Julia's list. In addition, I wanted to note that both our pups get VERY carsick. When we had our first, he would sit on the passenger's lap, which was covered, along with the gears, with a big bath towel. At first, we never had sufficient paper towels, until we learned to bring the roll. When they are not actually spitting up the contents of their tummies, the drool they produce from just feeling sick can be overwhelming in a puppy prone to carsickness. It's important to have water for them to drink, so they don't get dehydrated from drooling so much.

Harvey, Paco and Luke
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Mom to two silly babies!
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Wow! Thank you everyone for your advice/help! I just jotted down another list (I love 'em) for what I need to bring on our trip. Once again I'm not sure I would have thought of things like the trash bag to put any "messes" in to keep the smell down (although I do this with my nieces dirty diapers )
I read (I'm sure it was on these awesome boards) to bring a baby bib for the puppy if they do start to drool from car sickness. Is that a good idea?
All the dogs on here are such a variety of beautiful colors and patterns--can't wait to see what I add (the puppies in the litter are in shades of black and/or white and/or tan.)
Thank you all so much!
Oh, and thanks Lina, I think I will go ahead with the ex-pen. Since when they will both be out with me--or even just the new puppy--I will be on the floor with them, so I don't need the gate. Plus I have a puppy playpen from Pumpkin (a cute pink one ) so I'll leave that at mom's (she's going to puppy sit while I go to work.)
This is an awesome community--I'm so glad I found all of you!

Danaile, Pumpkin, and SAM!
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