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Great news now where do I find the Old Hav's group-I have senior's for sure-Tula my foster-yes Dave she is still with us-going on four years-Paige is 12 & Rom is 10 so my pack are all seniors.
If you go to the top blue bar that runs across the bottom of the rotating ads, you just hit 'forums' and it will pull up all of the different forums, that's the way I get to a specific one

Thank you, Paula! Unfortunately, creating forums is above my pay grade, but I can nag til' it gets done. lol (kidding! The delay was because everyone seemed to be on vacation last week, I was even out of town for my son's graduation from Virginia Tech /Pre med, momma's proud!!)

This morning, We saw a baby bunny in the back yard and I will tell Gucci "bunny" and she will run over there..all alert in her stance…spot the bunny and proceed to chase it all over the yard (she would never actually catch the bunny or hurt the bunny (never has)..but she will chase it, but this morning, she gave up after about only 10 feet when it ran into the hedges. I thought about this forum and how she would've ran the whole yard 3 times over looking for it back when she was 3, but at age 7, she's more reserved with her bunny chasing adventures, lol.

I just really hope she will be a happy and healthy Senior, I made a lot of decisions regarding waiting to spay her so she could fully develop her bones in order to avoid things such as arthritis, but there are no guarantees in life and health, anything can happen no matter how much you try to set the stage for the production of life.

I know we have some really knowledgeable members on the topic of older havs, like Tom! You will be a wealth of information to people, I'm sure

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