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Originally Posted by Laurmann2000 View Post
Teddy Bear: I didn't realize Havanese could shed. I guys any animal with fur or hair can shed but I always read Havanese are non-shedding. Does Teddy shed a lot?
Teddy does shed quite a bit (similar to a jack russel but not as much as a pomeranian - i think). That was a little disappointing but I think it may have to do with him possibly not being a a pure Havanese. I paid double price on condition that he is pure breed and the breeder claimed to have valid proof which I now doubt was authentic.

Teddy is a little larger than the standard Hav (15 inches high) and weighs around 11kgs (which is slightly above the Hav size guide I found online). I suspect he is a possibly cross between Havanese and Japanese Spitz (Spitz are extremely popular here so that's a likely guess - no way to know for sure as they dont do dog DNA tests here and even the vet laughed when I asked....).

Hav's have just started turning up out here and were almost unheard of 3 years ago! I think the breeder thought he could cash out by claiming that his pups were pure breed and me not being an expert or having seen a pure breed Hav before, believed him.
He was so cute - it didn't matter if the breeder told me he wasn't pure breed, I would still have picked him (and possibly paid the same price)!

All dogs shed. Even pure breed Havanese will shed but the pure ones probably wont shed as much as Teddy. Teddy doesn't shed as much as other dogs like pomeranians or GSDs so its still a positive issue.
BTW, I had a human friend stay with me for a week and she shed more than Teddy! lol.

As you are thinking of getting a Hav, from my experience with Teddy (all his characteristics - except the shedding and weight/size) is identical to most Havs, I can only say that I've grown up around pomeranians, GSDs and golden retreivers (and a jack russel) but these are the unique pros/cons I find with Teddy:

- They are extremely smart (they try to train you too so beware - Teddy knows how to get me to give him treats!!)
Its so easy to teach him tricks (only doggy biccies required....)
- Very friendly with people and other dogs
- very loving dogs who love to please their owners
- If trained (or corrected early enough), they can be quiet dogs - perfect for apartments

- Separation Anxiety
They get attached and can suffer from separation anxiety (I've had to hire a full time help to keep him company when I am at work but he stays alone for a few hours before I get home) - he doesn't seem to notice if I am away when he has my mom's dog for company (but we live in different cities so I cant drop him off every day).

Teddy would initially follow me to the bathroom or cry at the door if i didn't let him in but he's now ok as long as someone is in the house or we give him a chew toy (or nylabone) before leaving.

- Sensitive (maybe just Teddy)
They can tell the tone in your voice and get quite upset if you are angry with them. Just like a child, you may have to pamper them back to normal if they get yelled at (maybe Teddy has just trained me to do this but he does sulk a lot when yelled at - usually for breaking into the laundry basket and taking my socks to play with)

- Grooming (high maintenance!)
The biggest (and only disadvantage) with a Hav is that they can need a lot of grooming unless you keep them in a cute puppy cut. I work long hours and the pet sitter wont brush him properly and it takes too much time to keep brushing him as he runs away every 5 mins (he gets bored) and I have to talk him into sitting for yet another 5 mins! so I'm planning to get him a puppy cut once the weather improves.

Even if I could go back in time and chose from all the other breeds that I had when picking Teddy, I would still pick him. Havs are gorgeous, happy-go-lucky dogs that generally have a fabulous personality.
Even if I get home upset (maybe a bad day at work), he always has a way to make me smile (or would come and sit on my lap and try get a cuddle). With the exception of my Golden retriever, I've not seen any other breed (based on my previous dogs that I had growing up) that are actually concerned about whether or not you are happy!
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Wow, thats great information. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It's very helpful in deciding if a Havanese is for me. I'm very strongly leaning toward getting one. They seem to have all the characteristics I'm looking for in a dog. I'm not ready just now but I'm enjoying learning more and more every day by reading this forum. I'm also researching breeders and keeping notes for when the time comes. Thanks again and enjoy your little boy. He sounds wonderful and looks adorable (assuming that's him in your profile picture.)
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I agree that Havs (and all coated breeds) shed to SOME extent. It's similar to a person. We shed too, but little enough that most of it comes out in the comb and brush. It's NOTHING like the shedding of most breeds.

15" is WAY over the Havanese standard, which is 8 1/2 to 11 /12 inches. 11kg would be about 24 lbs, and that would be a huge Havanese if the dog wasn't overweight... but at Teddy's height, I'm guessing he's NOT overweight, just a much bigger dog. He certainly is cute, though, and it sure sounds like he has that wonderful Havanese personality!

I don't think that most have true separation anxiety, and they can certainly be taught to be a bit more self-soothing. But you are absolutely right that they do love and depend on their peeps. They are probably not the best dog for someone who has to leave them home alone all day on a regular basis.

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My wife said no more dogs after we put down our last one. I can't live with a dog, I gave up 67 years of smoking to get our Molly. She is a sneak thief and keeps us in stiches. Anything under 30 inches in the house is hers. We are both in our 80's and Molly will out live us both. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the house braking. Not going well. She is one of the smartest and the most affectionate dogs I have ever had. Would recommend this breed to anyone who wants a small dog.
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I wanted a small, cuddly, friendly and non yappy dog. I got all that and more in Sassy.
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It had been over a year since my Cavalier King Charles passed and I was ready for a new fur baby. I had seen a posting on FB of a small hairy dog and cat walking together and thought the dog was adorable. I reposted the picture and asked if anyone knew the breed. I was told it was a Havanese. I did some research, and based on all the info I knew this was the breed for me. I located a breeder not far from us who had a litter ready to go and the rest is history. Sir Henry is a wonderfully sweet, loving little guy who has brought a lot of joy to our home. The fact that he doesn't shed, loves little kids and is the perfect home security system is just icing on the cake.
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He is just so cute!

Jackie & Willow
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Sir Henry is adorable.
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What a sweet face he has!

Diane and Molly
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before we got our first Havanese, my husband agreed we could get a dog , if small, non shedding and easy to train. I researched breeds and found the Havanese! They were so cute and had that puppy look even as they got older. I found a breeder in my town and went to see the pups! Well of course I was smitten right away.

My husband was a little resistant, but when he saw the dog I picked, her loved her! Over the next year we ended up with 3 from the breeder. Sadly, we did not know about health testing. Our boys had 3 knee surgeries each! Our girl had arthritis from knees since she was 2 yrs. our girl passed at 9 years from inflammatory bowel disease. Our one boy had thyroid condition, diabetes and finally passed at 10 yrs from inflammatory bowel disease. Our other boy suffered from arthritis and passed at 11 yrs from congestive heart failure.

It was tough loosing our kids, we loved them very much. When the house was just too empty without them, I looked again at Havanese. I did much more research on health testing and breeders this time.

So, now we have our Jade! She is awesome. The breeder has been breeding and showing for many years and our girl's parents were health tested and listed on the offa.org website.

We love Havanese and would definately recommend them, but be sure to get a good breeder.

Hugs, Jade, Harley, April and John. In our hearts, Kona

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