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I can't believe how much Rocco looks like Saydee. I keep carrying my laptop over to my husband in the other room to show him your pictures! His hair texture looks identical and he even smiles like her. His hair on his tail is longer and a little bit more white on the tip of his tail. I think I'm in love. You better lock your doors or I might track you down and kidnap him! He's a little luv bug :eek:) How much does he weigh now?

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Haha...they really do look so much alike. I need more pictures of Saydee!! I tried to weigh Rocco by holding him on the human scale, so it isn't terribly accurate. I got 7 lbs, so give or take a few ounces here or there. It sounds like they are gaining at about the same rate. I wonder if Rocco will have a crazy growth spurt after our Giardia War is over? I am going to bathe him tomorrow..and take more pictures if it isn't raining much. Don't they just look twice as fluffy after a bath!! So yummy smelling too!

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