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Geezer 04-04-2019 07:03 PM

Need Gromming Advice
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Tina is 15 month old now and we are still struggling with proper grooming. I asked the groomer yesterday for a puppy cut and this is what I got. It clearly was my fault since I did not specify specifically what I wanted. What do most of you ask for when it's grooming time? :frown2:

Sam I Am 04-04-2019 07:57 PM

I feel badly for you. Donít blame yourself, I asked for a puppy cut too, but I did tell her I wanted the hair to be at least an inch, & donít trim the tail.
Iíve heard that if the dog is too matted they have to really shave it down, but Tina doesnít appear to be. She should have notified you first if that was the case.
Look at it this way, their hair does grow quickly, & donít go back to this groomer. I bet Tina feels super soft though, & you wonít have to worry about butt washes for a while ;), & she is still totally adorable!

Molly120213 04-04-2019 09:05 PM

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Here are some pictures of Molly with her puppy cuts. I used to keep her with a longer face and beard but her new groomer did a much shorter face. She definitely looks more like a puppy now.

mudpuppymama 04-04-2019 09:11 PM

I groom Mia myself and I am still not too good at it. However, the hair grows very fast and so I do not worry too much if I go too short. Not sure if you live in a tick area but you will not have to look hard for them. I always keep Mia short in summer so ai can find ticks easily.

EvaE1izabeth 04-04-2019 10:31 PM

Take pictures!

Even if it isnít perfect, if you find someone who is good at listening, stick with them because thatís the hardest part! Itís not such a big deal to say, letís go a little shorter on the ears next time, or not so much off the beard. Itís a lot harder to work with someone who thinks the cut should be a certain way.

I bet she is so soft!

PNWAlan 04-05-2019 12:21 AM

Unfortunately for a lot of groomers Puppy Cut means "Put a 4 blade in your clippers and have at it". There are hundreds if not thousands of pictures on the internet. Take a few with you so that both you and the groomer know what you want.

She's still a little cutie! Time heals all.

Geezer 04-05-2019 02:11 AM

Great idea, next time I'll find a picture that I like and tell them "make her look like this"!

Scarlett's mom 04-05-2019 08:48 AM

I do their faces myself because I don't want the hair around the eyes super short and I know what I want them to look like. I trimmed Scarlett's body with scissors once and I'm ready to do it again. I bought the Jodi Murphy Havanese grooming DVD to learn how to do it.

I am also fortunate to have a groomer who has come to understand exactly what I want and she comes to my house so I can watch if I want.

Heather's 04-05-2019 02:46 PM

I've been through this many times with my first Havanese Sparky. My poor Sparky was completely shaved to his pink skin before Christmas one year. :Cry: I actually groomed him myself going forward after that experience! Please do not feel responsible in anyway for you puppy's haircut. If your dog was matted then it was the groomers responsibility to inform you of the status of his coat prior to shaving your puppy. I have learned that grooming is not regulated. They tried to regulate in California a few years ago with Senate Bill 9. It's so important to vet the groomer as to their actual training and experience. Grooming is an art. Tina is very cute and it is just hair that will grow back. Like Scarlett above...I am also fortunate for the last seven years to have the same home groomer. I've learned a lot from her. It would be great if you could find a home groomer in your area for Tina.

Geezer 04-05-2019 03:27 PM

When I first got Tina a year ago, I went out and bought all of the tools necessary to groom her myself. It did not take me very long to realize that this is an art that I was not very well suited for. I took her to a groomer that did the best that they could to fix my mess. A home groomer sounds like a good idea, I'll look into it.

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