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baxterboy 03-18-2009 04:31 PM

New Havanese puppy---lots of questions!
Hi all! I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks, and I would love some advice on Baxter. He's 8 months old (and he's been in our care for about 6 weeks.)

He's doing great---housebroken, can come, sit, stay, shake, lie down, "go to bed"... and is doing better when we are away. I'm a teacher, and am gone for about 8 hours a day. My husband works from home on Friday, so Baxter is alone usually 4 days a week--8 hrs. each day. He does ok with it.... no more destructive clawing at the door (which is what he used to do.) Now he just shreds his pee-pad (after he goes) which I can live with. My question is, we leave him with so many different fun toys (toys he loves when we're around) to keep him busy and hide treats in them. The "egg babies" and "find the squirrel" stuffed toys.... usually he'll spend at least 20 minutes or so finding the treats I hide inside---but when he're at work---NOTHING. He doesn't even touch them. I'll leave a busy bone in there and---not touched. The second we get home he'll grab his bone and go to town on it! LOL

Does anyone else have a HAV that boycotts treats and toys when you're away? Any tips? Do you think he'll come around in time?

Also, he's on Eucanuba (because that's what he was eating before we got him) and he just got over Coccidia... and his stools are still sooo soft. He doesn't love pumpkin (takes a couple of licks but that's it.) Any other tips to harden up his poop? It's so hard to clean up!

kelrobin 03-18-2009 04:45 PM

Welcome Baxter!:welcome:

Most Havs crave human contact or another dog, so they tend to lay around or sleep when left alone. Many will not even eat unless the owner or someone else is there. I would not worry about him not playing with the toys . . . they are such social creatures that he will wait until you are home and can play with you.

Have you considered getting someone to come in and check on him in the middle of the day? That is a long time for him to be left alone. A lot of people who work hire someone to come in and walk their hav or just check on them and have a little play time. Depending on where you are, there are also puppy "daycares" that are great for one or two days a week. That way they can play hard one day and then rest all day the next! And the ultimate fix . . . get another one to keep him company!

And, of course, we would all love pictures of Baxter . . .

PepperToast 03-18-2009 04:46 PM

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Congratulations on your new havanese Baxter and welcome! You were wise to go with an older puppy if you have to work out of the home.

What you are describing about his behavior when you are gone is perfectly normal. In fact, my doggies will do that when I leave but everyone else is home!

My husband sent me this photo while I was out shopping for groceries. They stayed there on the prickly front door mat the entire 2 hours I was gone and they are 7 and 8 months old. That is my red croc close by for a little 'I miss you chew'.

As far as the soft stool, I am sure there are others who can help you out here on this forum. I feed raw food so I am not familiar with what to do with dry food dogs.

Again, welcome,


marjrc 03-18-2009 04:54 PM

Welcome to the forum! Congrats on getting your new boy, Baxter. I think it's great that he's not so destructive while you're away. I would think it could be much worse. They do get bored and anxious while you're gone, but some dogs are fine for 2, 5 or even more than 8 hours. It just depends on how they are.

Most Havs do need a lot of human contact and it's quite common to see many Hav owners go home at lunch time or get someone to come in and let the dog out, play with them, get them exercised, etc... A bored dog can be a troublemaker, but it can also be sad or worried. It's a good idea to see if Baxter can be entertained somehow while you are away. Too bad the toys/treats aren't working. Does Baxter like Kongs?

Pixiesmom 03-18-2009 04:54 PM

Hi and welcome.
Baxter sounds like a good boy! Maybe he wants you there to show you that he found the treat, and he's decided it's not as fun when he's alone. Just wondering-does he have run of the house when you're gone, or is he in an ex-pen?
Pixie contracted coccidia before I got her and her breeder put her on Marquis, which is much more expensive, but it worked like a charm. You may want to get him off of Eukanuba-not a very highly rated food. Try dogfoodanalysis.com and look it up. There are some great holistic dog foods out there now. Pixie is on Life's Abundance mixed with Solid Gold. She really likes Wilderness dry (6 star food), and loves Merrick canned. Maybe get him a flossie. All dogs really seems to love those. Also-look into the Ugodog. Pixie "goes" on it without fail-no pee pad to shred. You can use newspaper with it. Not all dogs like it, but we've had tremdous success with it.
Please post pictures of Baxter!!

Beth and Pixie Puff

Pixiesmom 03-18-2009 04:57 PM

My husband sent me this photo while I was out shopping for groceries. They stayed there on the prickly front door mat the entire 2 hours I was gone and they are 7 and 8 months old. That is my red croc close by for a little 'I miss you chew'.

Meeka-that picture is adorable! What sweet little babies, waiting for you.

Beth and Pixie Puff

Lunastar 03-18-2009 05:23 PM

My girls sit at the window waiting for me to come home. They head for the window at 5pm knowing hubby will soon be home.

baxterboy 03-18-2009 06:38 PM

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Thank you for all of the suggestions. Pixie's mom, is "Marquis" a dog food, or a medicine for coccidia? I googled it and came up short on answers.... Baxter also contracted the coccidia before we got him, and our vet put him on arbon medicine for 2 weeks. He's had loose stools since we got him, is finished with the medicine....I'm just wondering if I should change his food. My vet had told me Eukanuba was a good choice and to keep him on it! LOL ~sigh~ The vet practice is really wonderful---they are on call to take questions and the vet calls you back personally to answer questions (and I've had my fair share believe me!) that day. Who knows... whenever the whole food question comes up I get a million different answers---from research I've done, talking with pet owners, etc. I'm still learning and reading a ton and will hopefully gain much knowledge from this board.

I tried to post a picture.....hopefully it worked

Laurief 03-18-2009 06:50 PM

Oh my goodnesss, what an adorable face!!!!!! Welcome to the forum!!

marb42 03-18-2009 07:31 PM

:welcome:to the forum! Baxter is absolutely adorable. His color and eyes are gorgeous. I experienced the same thing with Marble. For about the first year, he refused to eat any treats I left him in his expen until we returned. He gradually got better with that, but it took time. I'm sure Baxter will eventually feel more comfortable, too. :)

And Meeka, that picture was so sweet of your girls waiting for you.:)


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