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ama0722 03-21-2009 06:40 PM

Rally Rock Star Dasher :)
I am so proud of my little big man today. Dasher scored 98/100 in rally today. He tied for first place with 3 other dogs. Since Rally is tie broken by time, he ended up with 3rd place. He was the little dog that was robbed-shhh he doesnt know cause we still had a jerky party and he received quite the applause by some of his fans, and best of all a squeaky bear.

I was a bit concerned with him doing so many different events, he would be confused but obviously with his debut, he is having fun regardless of where he is and understands the many different games.

A friend video taped so I will try to share it later this week!

Amanda & Dash

dboudreau 03-21-2009 06:44 PM

Awesome!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Sam & I will never score that high. I usually screw up at least one sign.

Hurray Amanda & Dasherman!!!!!!

ama0722 03-21-2009 06:49 PM

Debbie- well technically his debut was at national in Virgina where in front of everyone, I walked straight past a sign and NQ'ed our team!!! Dash forgave me and gave me the same amount of face kisses so tonight, so he will not get two less pieces of kibble for the crocked sit or his lag.

In this video if you see my face or hear it, I am counting them out loud- let's just say I was a little paranoid this time around :) It didn't help my husband and SIL were teasing me by petting Dash and saying "sorry Dash you got stuck with a bad handler!!!"

It also gets me excited to get him into the obedience ring too. I think he is farther along than I realized and is completely willing to work without cookies.

Leslie 03-21-2009 06:55 PM

:whoo: That's our boy!!! :whoo:

Beamer 03-21-2009 07:26 PM

Hurray for Dasher!! Goodtimes.. goodtimes..


Sheri 03-21-2009 07:30 PM

Yeah, Dasher!! I can't wait for the videos! Wish I could have been there in person to cheer!

MopTop Havanese 03-21-2009 07:30 PM

Dasher ROCKS!
Awesome job!

Evye's Mom 03-21-2009 07:53 PM

Awesome job Dasher !!!!

marjrc 03-21-2009 08:04 PM

Yaaaaaaaay! Way to go Dashman and Amanda!! :whoo:

hedygs 03-21-2009 08:54 PM

WOOHOO!!! Way to go Dasher!

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