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  1. breeder help needed.
  2. Etiquette
  3. Health Testing & Vaccines
  4. Walk time
  5. Breeder in Colorado
  6. Planning for 2nd puppy
  7. Pigment and Coat Color
  8. Does cutting eye hair help with tear staining?
  9. Breeder in California
  10. Low Weight Concerns
  11. Breeder in Ontario? Questions.
  12. Dam with minor hip dysplasia bred to sire with good hips
  14. smallest in the litter
  15. Young adult havanese
  16. Can pigment inconsistencies be an indicator of health problems?
  17. Gender combinations for 2 puppies: female/female, female/male; male/male?
  18. Reasonable price for puppy?
  19. Anyone know this AKC breeder from Ocala, FL?
  20. Looking for a breeder in or near Montana
  21. Color of eye rim
  22. Age of Dogs when breeding?
  23. Finding Adults
  24. Reputable breeder but the father is not on offa website?
  25. PEDIGREES - What do the #'s mean LGD?
  26. Washington Breeders
  27. Looking for a breeder in southern Ontario
  28. Breeder in Towaco, NJ
  29. Deposits
  30. breeder in Burlington township nj
  31. So confused
  32. Bumblebee Acres
  33. I have a question.
  34. Breeders in Virginia
  35. Breeding 1/2 siblings?
  36. Show vs. Pet Breeder
  37. Noblegold Breeder in NC
  38. Havanese Club of America - choosing a breeder
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  40. Ludashavanese
  41. Noblegold Havanese & KingsKids Havanese Opinions
  42. Looking for a Reputable Breeder this Time
  43. Looking for a breeder near Princeton, NJ
  44. Havanese or Havanese Mix Breeder in MA area
  45. Anyone Heard of this NC Breeder?
  46. Havi adoption
  47. Experience with Blossom Havanese (NY) or Hawkhaven Havanese (NJ)?
  48. What Do We Think Of This?
  49. Breeders in East TN
  50. Do breeders routinely "soap" photos?
  51. Looking for a Mentor in NY
  52. How do I find out about a specific breeder?
  53. Desperately seeking in Texas
  54. Help me with breeder contract!!
  55. "family raised havanese" in central indiana
  56. Measuring length of the muzzle/scull?
  57. Good breeder in Texas
  58. Help understanding a pedigree
  59. Concerned
  60. Looking for a good breeded in the New York Area
  61. Need recommendation for a good breeder near New York
  62. Is this a short haired Havanese?
  63. How to find "performance" dogs
  64. chocolate breeder
  65. Reputable Breeder in NY -Suffolk County
  66. Puppy evaluation
  67. Any experience with Zivari Havanese in NJ?
  68. Reputable breeders/NJ? How to evaluate?
  69. A question for breeders
  70. Proposed breeding
  71. Question on limited AKC registration
  72. Reputable breeder in Washington state
  73. Looking for a reputable breeder in or near north Alabama?
  74. Breeder in N. Alabama
  75. 20 Principles for Breeders
  76. Stud rights in puppy contract?
  77. The average COI in the havanese breed?
  78. Pink Nose
  79. Time frame for DNA testing?
  80. Have two potential breeders....
  81. How important is LCP testing?
  82. Looking for reputable breeder near South Florida
  83. Anyone know of these breeders?
  84. Shih Tzu pup sold at 5 weeks
  85. Selection Process for Puppies
  86. Am I a Havanese?
  87. Matching puppies to families
  88. Breeding Contracts
  89. How difficult is it to fix a not-so-good rear?
  90. How important is BAER testing?
  91. Whelping box
  92. Hips/ Health Testing question, please...
  93. Puppy coat to adult coat
  94. Health testing in Europe
  95. Trying to understand the whole breeder route
  96. Mating full siblings
  97. Can anyone recommend a good breeder in GA /TN/AL?
  98. How far in advance should I start looking
  99. How accurate can breeders assess puppy's full grown weight?
  100. Breeding Article
  101. Breeder's House Smells of Urine
  102. Inbreeding?
  103. Hybrid Havanese a good choice?
  104. Finding A Stud
  105. A Breeding question
  106. where to start
  107. What to ask for? -- breeder credentials and health checks?
  108. The toddler factor
  109. Female vs Male Havanese differences?
  111. Looking for a PA/NJ/DE/MD/VA/NY breeder
  112. Interesting....
  114. Need help deciding on breeding
  115. Breeder Experience ?
  117. Too Old To Breed
  118. Temperament testing
  119. Does it matter male or female?
  120. Question about litters?
  121. Questions About Reputable Havanese Breeders
  122. Tear Stains and Breeding
  123. Sable or Brindle
  124. Choosing Between Pedigrees
  125. Show Quality Puppies
  126. Terminology question...
  127. Controversial Question
  128. Can I use Vitamin Shampoo on a Havanese?
  129. Weight and size of Havanese
  130. Havanese Grooming
  131. Breeders in central Florida
  132. So, how do I choose NOW?
  133. is there any way to.....
  134. Different pricing for health guarantee
  135. Havanese or Shavanese
  136. General Question
  137. Socializing the shy puppy or vet visit?
  138. Prices
  139. Comments opinions about a breeder?
  140. Need help with new puppies
  141. anybody heard of these?
  142. Feeding puppies(weaning->going home) raw, bone problems?
  143. Ticking in Havanese
  144. Distemper vaccination confusion
  145. False Pregnancy
  146. What would my breeder prefer
  147. Breeders, would you consider going to Cuba now...
  148. pregnate bitches "Jumping"? (question)
  149. breeders in canada
  150. Finicky Bitch
  151. Number of dogs, number of litters?
  152. Breeding dogs with their championship
  153. how are people lookin for puppies supposed to know
  154. Several breeders in one seems a bit strange
  155. Where is your havanese from?
  156. When is pup full grown
  157. Compare breeders in TX/OK
  158. "Late" breedings
  159. Houston Havanese Owners
  160. Paws turn out
  161. Skipped heat
  162. Puppy in Heat
  163. Uterine Inertia
  164. color genetics
  165. When is a puppy ready for a new home?
  166. Importance of a good breeder
  167. Canadian vs US conformation
  168. Want to get into breeding
  169. Motion sickness
  170. Irish Pied
  171. left or right tail ???
  172. Your Criteria for keeping puppies
  173. Big Litter!!
  174. Looking To Get a Puppy -- I Need Your Advice
  175. Adult dogs from breeders.
  176. Looking for contract's
  177. It can't be...not again
  178. Warming the whelping box
  179. Dew Claws
  180. When did your puppies open their eyes?
  181. blankets in whelping box dangerous
  182. heat cycle
  183. Whelping Box
  184. A question about a certain breeder's philosiphy
  185. Our 10 mo old Sasha Noel
  186. Hav color genetics.....
  187. does anyone know this breeder
  188. I think it is time
  189. What papers should I leave with from picking up puppy....
  190. Whelping Doppler
  191. Puppy Pens
  192. Female in Heat
  193. Hi breeders!
  194. Breeders in MA or New England
  195. HCA vs. IHC
  196. Big Branch Creek?
  197. Stages of Puppyhood
  198. Inspection of Breeding Facilities Legislation?
  199. The UN-neutered male dog
  200. Any experience with this breeder?
  201. Breeders in Michigan
  202. Have you heard of this breeder?
  203. Introduction and breeder question...
  204. Health Guarantee?
  205. Determining a show puppy
  206. human allergies
  207. Online havanese buying
  208. Should I be worried??
  209. puppy or adult food??
  210. female in heat
  211. Was this appropriate?
  212. Breeder
  213. Crate training & other questions
  214. Reasons Not to Vaccinate?
  215. Proper Age to Switch to Adult Kibble
  216. How many litters?
  217. Any info on a specific breeder?
  218. need advice from breeders
  219. correct age for puppy to go to new home and health testing
  220. A "mutt" by any other name...
  221. Resident Breeders
  222. so many combs and brushes, Oh my!
  223. Supplementation for the Havanese
  224. fly a puppy to his new home?
  225. Debarking
  226. Health Testing