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  39. Can a dog be taken away?
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  41. Here we go again!!
  42. DH is gonna kill me....
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  44. Cody
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  47. Just sickening (GS puppy)
  48. Is he part havanese?
  49. Pretty little girl in Idaho shelter..
  50. Those who love Petfinder, don't forget about HRI
  51. We have pictures!!!
  52. Keep you paws crossed!!!!
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  54. Foster Home folks are angels.
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  65. Introducing Tico!
  66. SH Hav or Papillon?
  68. Pet shop puppies
  69. Looks like I need to change my User name to Max & Cooper's Mom!
  70. To my Foster Mom...
  71. Meet Jackson!
  72. Scooter, the best foster ever!
  73. Looky Looky who arrived today!!!!
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  75. Small white dog??
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  81. Demonstration against Petland Jan. 09
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  85. Jillee and Betzie's sister Savannah!!!
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  90. Thanks Susan & Steve!!!
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  94. For those who have applied to foster or rescue recently
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  98. Please, please, please read...
  99. Goodsearch and Goodshop are now contributing to Hav Rescue
  100. Anyone in oregon ? deaf Hav 13 weeks free
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