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  20. Peeing in the House
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  25. Biting, serious behavior problems
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  27. moody dog
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  29. ungroomed photo
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  31. Tula
  32. Flip for Flip
  33. Chocolate Hav in Montreal QC area
  34. 2 Hav brothers in Southwestern Ontario need homes
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  36. My Rescue "Reilly"
  37. Jesse James and Shadow Photos
  38. Coughing
  39. Brother for Maccabee?
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  41. Our rescue boy
  42. newly adopted hav is yelping/trembling...experience with this?
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  44. Bernie in New Mexico
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  47. What To Expect When You Adopt A Dog
  48. Your Dog Is Worth It Too - Cranbury, NJ
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  50. Porter in KS has a pending adoption on HRI
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  53. Please help Havanese in need..
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  61. HavToHavIt General Store
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  63. Petfinder
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  65. Lost Pet Recovery Information on HRI's Website
  66. Birthday Girl Ms Tula
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  68. Hurry! Auction going on right now!
  69. Havanese Rescue Inc-Annual Auction
  70. Twas the night before Christmas
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  72. What to do about the poor little ones?
  73. New rescue
  74. A plea from HRI...
  75. Riki, the HRI Volunteer Recruiter wants you!
  76. Add and addition
  77. Maine - Foster Needed for HALO
  78. HALO (Havanese Angel League Org) Puppies
  79. Age and size of your Hav
  80. All you Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Lovers
  81. turned in an application!
  82. 8 yr. old in RI needs new home
  83. 2012 HRI Banquet and Raffle......need...
  84. Fonzi is home!
  85. Rehome-Rescue-Retired
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  87. Rescue vs. Breeder for Therapy Dog
  88. For those who think PETA is the "good guys"
  89. Pretty Girl in Rossford, OH Needs Home
  90. Auction of 2 Havanese Girls on Saturday in Wheaten, MO
  91. Posted as a Dachsund, why?
  92. Havanese Rescue 2012 Annual Appeal - Please help!
  93. Rescue- happy ending sure to make you cry!
  94. Henrietta in Atlanta
  95. Allentown PA
  96. Terrible News from my Facebook Friend
  97. A Havanese puppy in need...
  98. a havanese on petfinder looking to work with a breed specific rescue group.
  99. Look at this little guy...
  100. Would like to adopt a Hav in need
  101. need some help
  102. looking to adopt/rescue/purchase older pup or adult near NJ
  103. Craigslist Hav in Warwick, RI
  104. Vote HRI on Chase Community Giving!
  105. Look at these Rescues in TN and give me opinion
  106. Meet Jenna
  107. Mocha
  108. 2011 Havanese Rescue Auction!!!2 more days till it starts...
  109. Havs in MO & CA
  110. Possible Havanese with euthanasia date 9/20
  111. Milo in Missouri!
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  113. Still Wanting my Havanese
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  118. Dogs Rescued from Sutter County Animal Shelter, Yuba City, CA July 2010
  119. Rescue help (please)
  120. Male Puppy in South River, NJ
  121. 2 Male Puppies at Camp Merry Sunshine, Lockwood, MO
  122. How the Quilt helps HRI...who became an HRI volunteer because of the quilt?
  123. A listing in Uncle Henry's
  124. Help HRI on Facebook-Dr. Marty Becker is donating to the most nominated organization
  125. Frustrated and venting...sorry
  126. Puppy Mill Cotons Need Your Help!!!! Missouri
  127. havanese in shelter in downey, california
  128. Wanted: Rescue Havanese in Vancouver, BC
  129. Havanese in CT needs home-thrown from van!
  130. HRI Annual Auction at 2011 Nationals
  131. Animal welfare laws in WA state? - cruel breeder
  132. Hello everyone!!!
  133. Remember Finnegan, our rescue dog?
  134. Please help stop animal sales on e-bay!
  135. Looks like its happening again......
  136. It's the Little things...
  137. Need advice.....
  138. Two male havanese puppies (around 4 months old) in foster care in our local rescue.
  139. HSUS vs. Local Rescues, etc.
  140. Lost Havanese in Bellingham WA
  141. HRI Ornaments
  142. Maybe a Havanese
  143. Dixie's Dental Fund
  144. Havanese: adoptable dog in Euless, TX
  145. Have A New Friend Here
  146. Trish, we're waiting ...
  147. Puppia Harnesses for Laurie
  148. Mentors, please?
  149. HRI Auction Ends Sat. 3:30 PM EST
  150. Havanese Rescue Auction
  151. Marley
  152. Torn : Havanese in the pet shop
  153. Help out rescue and look fabulous...
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  155. Havanese in Collierville, TN Rescue
  156. Thank you all!!
  157. Good Bye Ms. Frannie
  158. HRI Banner?
  159. temp. fostering a ShihTzu
  160. Belly Bands Instructions
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  162. Our HRI rescue
  163. Strange Nails
  164. Questions: Puppy Mill Rescue Quirk
  166. Jacksonville, Florida has puppy mill rescues!
  167. Multiple Havanese in Northern CA Shelter!
  168. Time Flies
  169. HRI rescue now home for good!
  170. My Wisconsin boy is here!!!
  171. Brandon needs a new home
  172. Georgia Rescue Fair
  173. Look at this pup in L.A. area shelter...
  174. Canada Rescue-Here is our quilt!!!
  175. Tinsel, now Annie, left today!
  176. Bo & Jackie need a forever home...
  177. Our foster rescue puppy mill dog
  178. Driving to Nationals?
  179. Don't forget the show tonight
  180. Missing Havanese
  181. Foster Parents
  182. A new foster in our house
  183. Dogs acclimating to new home, how long?
  184. TODAY Rescues on NOW!
  185. We have 2 HRI friends at our house...
  186. HRI Foster for us
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  188. Still Searching for a home for Tiana
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  190. Welcome Homer!
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  194. On the fence...
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  196. My new rescue: Cassidy!
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  200. Adoption fees?
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  202. Someone Please help this guy :(
  203. Is this a neezer?
  204. Is There a Problem with the Havanese Rescue Site?
  205. Gabriel in the House!
  206. Noticed on Craigslist
  207. New Foster: COMING SOON!
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  209. My Rescue Mosaic
  211. Foster Marty
  212. Our first foster - Meet Henry!
  213. Three Havis in LA Rescue org
  214. My New Foster - Lucky
  215. Meet Lily...we will foster her through rehab
  216. Welcome Chulo
  218. Havanese in Pasadena Shelter
  219. Is there any secret to keeping Hav's face looking clean?
  220. aw, little sweetie! havi-poo
  221. Photos of Pup!
  222. Little Boy Hav up For Adoption
  223. Good News, Bad News, Good News
  224. Is there a Chocolate in my future?
  225. Not eating...
  226. Adult Havanese in Petfinder
  227. Not a Hav...but...
  228. HRI needs help
  229. Wish me luck!!!!!
  230. October HRI Updates:
  231. We failed Fostering 101!
  232. The Meaning of Rescue
  233. Casey Update!
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  235. Another Puppy Mill Bust!
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  237. 25% OFF TOYS AND TREATS!!!
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  241. Male Dog with Cataracts
  242. I may be fostering soon!! :)
  243. Do you think this dog looks like a Hava?
  244. Harriet is Found
  247. Meeting Cooper..
  249. Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2009
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