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  1. General Discussion
    Hi all! I will be picking up my puppy at the end of next month and we will be flying home - it's about a 4 hour flight. Has anyone done this and/or have any flying tips? I found some old threads, but things seemed a little outdated. We are flying Southwest and from my understanding, the puppy...
  2. General Discussion
    Anyone who has an adult Havanese do you know if their size is small enough to be able to fly in cabin on commercial airlines? Just wondering if they are too large to fit in a large Sherpa as an adult.
  3. Puppy Area
    Hello all! Next week I'll be flying from NYC to San Diego for the holidays with my (nearly 4 month old) pup Olive. I've travelled with him in his crate quite often up until now. Just this week, I took him on a car trip that was 1.5 hrs one way, and he hardly made a sound in his crate. However...
1-3 of 3 Results