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  1. Grooming
    Has anyone here tried the bin bath? Found this on Renaissance Havanese's site and it looks interesting (though the video is extremely short). One bin has the shampoo and the second has the conditioner. She said she leaves them in the shampoo bin for about 10 minutes. She doesn't write about the...
  2. Grooming
    Amelia is in need of a bath badly. I am worried about getting shampoo in her eyes or ears. Is there a way to prevent it from irritating these sensitive areas? I've heard that it can be really bad to get soap and water in the ears. Any tips would be helpful! This forum has been a lifesaver.
  3. General Discussion
    Hi everyone. I am new here so please bear with me. Can anyone give me advice on bathing my two new Have's? They seem to like them, especially when they are over! But I think it may dry out their skin. I have used shampoo with conditioner and oatmeal shampoos. Have gone to the "quick and...
  4. Grooming
    Hello Everyone! 2nd Bath was in a bathtub with two containers, a few weeks ago....I was a nervous wreak and wet. The bathtub is too low for me and my poor muscles, I think this was why I was putting off the 3rd bath for so long... So today was the day! Midmorning...Dexter resting.....Took...
1-4 of 4 Results