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  1. Grooming
    Hi all! Bentley appears to be starting to lose his puppy coat, as he is matting like crazy all of a sudden. It seems like the minute we finish brushing him out, he has 5 more mats appear. He's only 8 months old - would this be the time for that? We will likely get him groomed into a short...
  2. Grooming
    Well I'm not sure if it's possible for coat blowing to start at 7.5 months or if the last few days of post-neuter cone wearing and less grooming are taking a toll, but Archer's coat seems to be matting like crazy all of a sudden! I keep finding more and more mats! I am able to comb them out but...
  3. Grooming
    First, let me apologize if this has been asked or talked about before and feel free to point me in the right direction. Indy is my first long haired dog and he's currently 4 months so we haven't had any problems with matting (yet). I've read all sorts of horror stories about how hard it is to...
  4. Grooming
    All of a sudden, Finn has been in full blowing coat mode. I have been struggling with getting him combed out. His hind end is like a felted layer of wool. I know it has been mentioned on the forum in the past, and I now remember Karen has cornstarch in Kodi's grooming supply basket, but I had...
  5. Grooming
    I want a thread that we can refer to help us with this blowing thing! What is the blowing stage? I want to have all the tips and secrets and survival techniques in one place, so post away. We are survivors in this Havanese thing!
  6. General Discussion
    Dexter had, I repeat had a mat! Found one near the back inner leg, sprayed some of that stuff directly onto the mat and worked out a lot of the mat with my fingers. This mat was probably a good 1 1/2 inches. What I could not get out with my fingers, I worked a small slicker with soft...
1-6 of 6 Results