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  1. General Discussion
    It's winter in the Pacific NW which means rain and storms. I'm considering some boots for Rory. Does your Hav wear them happily? Are they worth the trouble? Interested to hear from the community.
  2. General Discussion
    Hi, Winter is coming fast. Living in the city I worry about Imogen's feet on the heavily salted sidewalks. Anyone have a good suggestion for dog boots? Thanks! Lauren
  3. General Discussion
    Cooper, my 1 year old Havanese, and I walk about 2 miles each morning with our neighbor and her Westie. Now that our weather is, shall we say, "chilly", Cooper is having some trouble getting "cold paws", or sometimes salt in the pads of his feet. Often, I end up having to pick him up and carry...
1-3 of 3 Results