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    I have two DVD's by Dr. Robert Hutchison, a repro specialist. They are: "Maximizing Conception in the Bitch" and also "Successful Whelping and NeoNatal Survival." $10 each plus shipping. Excellent information, especially for new breeders. I also have books: "Advanced Reproduction" and also...
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    Hello :) I haven't posted before although I've been lurking for about a year. We have a Havanese Shih Tzu cross who we adore and are now looking for a Havanese with show potential. We found a breeder we're confident in. Puppies are now six weeks old, and it looks like the one we'd initially...
  3. Ask A Breeder
    I would like to Breed my Havanese and am having trouble finding a stud. I am located in Northwest NJ. Any suggestions?