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  1. Breeder Discussions
    Hello everyone! We have a 3 year old Havanese female that had a purebred litter in February. She is lovely and has the best temperament. She had no problems during her pregnancy or after she gave birth and all the puppies were in excellent health. She has come back into heat and we are doing...
  2. Member Classifieds
    I have two DVD's by Dr. Robert Hutchison, a repro specialist. They are: "Maximizing Conception in the Bitch" and also "Successful Whelping and NeoNatal Survival." $10 each plus shipping. Excellent information, especially for new breeders. I also have books: "Advanced Reproduction" and also...
  3. Ask A Breeder
    Hello :) I haven't posted before although I've been lurking for about a year. We have a Havanese Shih Tzu cross who we adore and are now looking for a Havanese with show potential. We found a breeder we're confident in. Puppies are now six weeks old, and it looks like the one we'd initially...
  4. Ask A Breeder
    I would like to Breed my Havanese and am having trouble finding a stud. I am located in Northwest NJ. Any suggestions?
1-4 of 4 Results