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  1. Grooming
    My 8 month old girl, Rue, has started getting matted hair all over! I can brush some of them out, but she has it the worst on the top of her head and on her face. I'm having a hard time getting thm out. Is my only option to cut her hair short? I was planning on a puppy cut but more leaving the...
  2. General Discussion
    Recommendations for the facial furnishings that go down from the bridge of the nose (snout)? I use a flea comb as has been suggested but need something to get it to the point where I can use the comb - and my brushes are big for the target area. I'm thinking maybe this Mark X-Tiny Slicker Brush?
  3. General Discussion
    Hi! I am just wondering what type of brush you use for you hav babies?! My Oliver has a bit of a shag going on. I would like to get him a brush that is appropriate for the double coat/length/and type. Any suggestions? THANKS! Shelby & Oli
1-3 of 3 Results