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  1. Grooming
    I know spraying a detangler or diluted conditioner is recommended prior to brushing and combing in general - but does that hold true with a short puppy coat? I'm not at all adverse to doing it, I just wonder if then you have a build-up of product on the shorter coat. Thanks very much!
  2. General Discussion
    Happy Monday!!.. What lovely weather we are having in New York today, cant wait for fall the fall weather to be here finally! I wanted to know if anyone has used Fresh'n Clean Shampoo/Conditioner?.. How is the smell? Has anyone tried it and not liked it? Let me know! Thanks! Lauren & Mossimo
  3. Grooming
    EQyess Grooming Products! I am always wanting to try something new with Dexter when it comes to grooming. Today was bath day for Dexter. I tried the Premier Natural Botanical Shampoo, Premier Natural Botanical Pet Rehydrant Spray, and the Survivor Super Detangler Shine. Yup, I am one of...
1-3 of 3 Results