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  1. Training Tips and Advice
    I have tried to quickly review the different threads related to this topic-I read Tom's potty system. My past 30 years has mostly been house breaking dobermans. Our first Havanese 7 years ago was purchased in the summer and I treated her like a doberman-I crate trained her and kept her outside a...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi! I got a 4 month old Hav last week, and my older Hav (3.5) is having a hard time with the adjustment. I had planned to get the new one to keep her company, but it seems that little Lola is making my older one, Amber, crazy! :frusty: I know it has only been a week and that these things take...
  3. Training Tips and Advice
    Hello there, I have received so many wonderful suggestions from this website... I was hoping to get help once again :) Our 6 month old havanese is getting along well with his potty training. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes at home anymore, and we put him in his crate every night in our...
1-3 of 3 Results