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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi! I've fallen in love with these beautiful dogs and everything I've seen and read about them. I'm thinking seriously of getting one, but have a few questions about grooming. 1. What is the longest time that you can go between cuts? 2. What kind of cut would that be? 3. Do many of...
  2. Grooming
    I have to give Alfie his first cut any day now but, to be honest, I'm terrified. He's such a squirmer that I have no idea how he'll turn out or even where to start. I have so e clippers and I've charged them up. I've even watched the disk video and numerous YouTube videos of good obedient dogs...
  3. Grooming
    My 8 month old girl, Rue, has started getting matted hair all over! I can brush some of them out, but she has it the worst on the top of her head and on her face. I'm having a hard time getting thm out. Is my only option to cut her hair short? I was planning on a puppy cut but more leaving the...
1-3 of 3 Results