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  1. Health Issues and Questions
    My five-year-old Havanese, Coco, was just diagnosed with a mass lesion in her large intestine/colon as well as probable IBD and symptoms of food allergy in her small intestine (this, after upper/lower scope). She has also been having seizure-like incidents where she can't support her upper back...
  2. Health Issues and Questions
    Hi all-- wondering if other Havanese owners have experienced this. My dog Bear (14 mos. old) has periodically had bowel movements with trace amounts of blood and mucus in them. Generally these episodes were brief and went away quickly on their own. However, this past week Bear developed...
  3. Health Issues and Questions
    I need some advice and after spending almost two years reading here on the forum, I'm confident you guys will be an incredible help. My Havanese, Bentley, will be two years old in November and weighs 8 lbs. He became ill on Tuesday...wouldn't eat anything, had an episode of diarrhea with some...
  4. General Discussion
    Just a reminder when taking those walks around the neighborhoods and parks that it is the season for people to pour tons of chemicals (most of which are unsafe! Especially for small dogs) When they are sniffing for a place to go, they could get a whiff of something dangerously toxic, so be...
1-4 of 4 Results