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  1. General Discussion
    Since we've been on the topic lately I made up a chart that should make it easy to see the cost differences between the various Havanese feeding regimens. No one is judging and what you feed your dog doesn't represent how much you love it. Do some research and feed the best you can, based on...
  2. Health Issues and Questions
    Our 10-year-old havanese has eaten only grain-free food and his only treats have been grain-free or bully stocks. I recently got a package of Red Barn Natural's Wooly Bully coated lamb's ears. Our dog loved it. Does Nyone know anything about this product? Is it ok to feed? I've been holding...
  3. Health Issues and Questions
    My family yorkie cannot eat turkey. We found out after a few post-holiday tummy troubles. My mom had read online that it doesn't agree with pups, and so no turkey for the yorkie. She can have chicken and whenever her tummy gets upset she eats plain chicken and rice. I've noticed quite a few...
  4. Alternative and Home Cooked Diets
    We fed Dexter one Scrambled Egg tonight and he practically inhaled it, I really do not think he took a breath while eating the egg. Dexter loves eggs! Maybe scrambled eggs once a week for Dexter on the menu, especially when we eat a breakfast for supper. Any one else like eggs?
1-4 of 4 Results