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  1. Puppy Area
    I'm considering this ex-pen: I like that the gate would allow both me and pup to step over into it easily. And the size seems better. The Iris 8 panel is too large, and the Iris 4 panel seems to small. Can you guys tell me if this one is large enough? I'm in Canada so don't want to order...
  2. Training Tips and Advice
    This is Rory the 8 month old female that had been doggy-door trained at the breeders. She has been here one week. Here is what I'm doing currently: Watching her like a hawk Keeping her in ex-pens when she is not directly supervised Crating her at night (successfully) Using a Piddle Place in a...
  3. Training Tips and Advice
    I am at something of a housebreaking crossroads and would appreciate any guidance you might offer. Rory is an eight month old female that had been doggie-door trained by the breeder. I brought her home and am sure I thoroughly confused her, first trying the Potty Training Puppy Apartment and...
1-3 of 3 Results