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  1. General Discussion
    Havanese dogs are not very common over here in Australia and there was not a Meet & Greet group setup in Sydney, so we had never met any other Havanese owners (other than the breeder of course). Just over two weeks ago I decided to set up a Facebook group page for Sydney Havanese owners so we...
  2. General Discussion
    :thumb: Hope all you Havi Mothers have a great day today. Maybe breakfast in bed, or a great brunch. My dogs let me sleep until 7 AM today...:whoo: What did your Havs do for you? (It is raining here so mine won't go for their walk..their call!) Send along photos of your Havi Mother's...
  3. Fun Videos
    This video reminds me of Finn's antics!! Enjoy!:):)
  4. Fun Videos
    Hope this will post...I love the way they include Bo in the festivities
  5. Agility
    Just for fun!!! Brings tears of joy if you are not the handler. She needs a Havanese! of 1
  6. Agility
    Just for fun!!! Brings tears of joy if you are not the handler. She needs a Havanese! Teddy the Runaway ... Teddy has been plagued with zoomies for his entire career. He just can't contain his joy. It explodes from within. 1 of 1
  7. Coffee Shop
    Mother's Day will never be the same after reading this experience from a friend on another dog list...I hope you enjoy it..I truly believe it happened. With children, all things are possible! Enjoy! Chap Stick - love this! We had this great 10 year old cat named Jack who just recently...
  8. Fun Photo Assignments
    does your hav(s) like :smow: show us some pics please
  9. Coffee Shop
    i want to know where you all have taken your hav(s) with you we take our havanese every where!
  10. Fun Photo Assignments
    My dad got this little walking plush dog from Hong Kong. It's called CJ7 from the movie CJ7. I loved that movie so he got the toy for me. Yes, I am 27, but my parents still think I am 7. Well....Momo doesn't seem to like CJ7 as much as I do. He barks at it all the time hehe. He keeps...
1-10 of 10 Results