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  1. General Discussion
    Our groomer said that the harness we currently use on our 2 Havanese dogs is the main problem for their chest and under legs mats, which are extremely hard to comb out and groom, without shaving it off. I'm just curious to see what harness do you use on your Havanese that doesn't cause mats.
  2. General Discussion
    Thanks to everyone who posted their enthusiasm for Puppia harnesses. I was really keen to get one (or more!) for Chica but couldn't find any here. Then I found the RC Pets brand (which seems to be modeled after Puppia) at my local pet store. I got the Cirque style, which is designed especially...
  3. Puppy Area
    Hi everyone. I've had Gatz for about 3 months... he's ~6 months old now. He's sweet, agile and smart... but I need advice... lots of it (pardon the long post). Separation Anxiety - I'm currently not working, so I'm at home with Gatz all the time. Consequently, he's grown quite attached to...
1-3 of 3 Results