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  1. Puppy Area
    Our new Havanese girl will be ready to be picked up in 2 weeks. She will be 10 wks by then and will have had her 1st shot. Her breeder follows Dr Jean Dodds' protocol for shots and insists that we new owners do also (in the contract!). My dilemma is... We are traveling by car for Thanksgiving...
  2. General Discussion
    With the summer travel season almost upon us, I thought these websites might come in handy for some of you. Pet Travel Center Worldwide Pet Travel Resources Welcome to PetTravelCenter.com where "we make pet travel fun and easy."™ We're an online community serving the pet travel industry and...
  3. Specialties
    This is the e-mail that I just sent out to the e-mail groups: Ryan, feel free to snag any of this information for your other topic where you are compiling details. :)
1-3 of 3 Results