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  1. New Member Introductions
    sorry just trying to get in my first two posts ! i was hoping to get some advise on neutering my male pup - he is 17 months i was planning on not doing it as he doesn't go to day care etc ( and im quite nervous ) but my vet mentioned that neutering can prevent certain cancers in male dogs and i...
  2. Health Issues and Questions
    Hi all, So I wanted to get some opinions. Archer is 7 mos old & going to be neutered this coming Wednesday (Aug 27). The vet said they are usually back to their old selves the next day, but he'd have to wear a cone for 7-10 days potentially, and reduce activity for several days or up to 7 days...
  3. Training Tips and Advice
    Hi folks! My 1-yr old Mr. Olive just got neutered. His behavior has changed somewhat since the surgery and I was hoping to hear a bit about others' experiences. Prior to his surgery, he was relatively quiet - we live in an apartment building and he would occasionally let out a single bark or...
  4. Health Issues and Questions
    Dexter will be getting neutered next month and was wondering which is the better drug on choice during surgery?
1-4 of 4 Results