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  1. Health Issues and Questions
    Hi all, So I wanted to get some opinions. Archer is 7 mos old & going to be neutered this coming Wednesday (Aug 27). The vet said they are usually back to their old selves the next day, but he'd have to wear a cone for 7-10 days potentially, and reduce activity for several days or up to 7 days...
  2. General Discussion
    Like several others on the forum I am LOOKING to add a second Havanese to our home. I have a female and just figured the next one would be female as well since all the dogs in my life have been females. I realize that it doesn't really matter what the sex is -- I am confident they would be great...
  3. Puppy Area
    I just had my puppy neutered today - he is 8 months old. He is wearing the cone but won't eat, walk outside and is whimpering and barking for the first time ever. The vet used glue so he has no stitches. I know they said to keep the cone on for 3-5 days all of the time but it seems the stress...
1-3 of 3 Results