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  1. Puppy Area
    Hi - I am thinking about registering for the puppy class at my local PetSmart. I would be attending with a 10 week old puppy. Have any of you taken this class and would you offer a review? Thanks!
  2. Training Tips and Advice
    Biting? Agression? Fear? Submission? Dominance? Barking? All these behaviors can be addressed through early socialization. Disclosure: I am no expert. I have one hav named Lola who is 2 1/2 and a total hoot. My neighbors tell me she is "the perfect dog". Nearly. With all the new...
  3. Puppy Area
    Puppy class starts beginning of March for 4 weeks. We are so excited about going and learning new techniques and learning how to walk a Havanese on a leash. I took Dexter out on a neighborwalk and the RLH started! He has a favorite area that he will run like crazy go through a bunch of...
1-3 of 3 Results