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    I am so confused about which food to buy for my new puppy. The breeder is currently feeding Life’s Abundance. My girlfriend works for a Vet and she suggested Purina Pro plan, someone else suggested Orijen. What do you all feed? Thanks!
  2. Puppy Area
    Hi, I have a 5-month havanese puppy that weighs in at about 12 pounds. I feed him small breed wellness puppy food. Does anyone have an idea of how much food to feed him?
  3. General Discussion
    Hi - Have any of you used Orijen Puppy/dog food? I am looking for a good food to start my puppy on when I bring her home in 3 weeks. I know I will have to slowly blend the food she already eats with the new food. I am looking for solid nutrition without dyes and preservatives to help avoid...