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  1. New Member Introductions
    This is my second post as new new member. We were advised not to vaccinate Casey (age 14 mos.) for Leptospirosis as it can later result in (neurological?) problems for Havs. Our vet disagreed but said then Casey should never be allowed to drink standing water, swim in places like creeks or lakes...
  2. Puppy Area
    Hi all, I need your help! I brought home Maisie 8 days ago, she is now 12.5 weeks old. She just had her second shots 5 days ago, and will be due for the final ones in 3.5 weeks. I'm feeling very confused and torn about whether I can start walking her or even letting her play outside yet, since...
  3. Puppy Area
    I have read this forum's very helpful sections on finding a reputable breeder and have learned a lot. I still have a question or two. In my quest for the right breeder, I have come across the "sales contract." I have no problem with this and expect any reputable, HFC breeder to have one...
  4. Puppy Area
    I will be picking up my new havanese in 2 weeks and I am super excited. My question is, when is it okay to take them out on walk and such. I have been reading that I should wait until she is fully vaccinated, but that seems extreme to me. I do live in Washington Dc, so there are lots of dogs...
  5. Health Issues and Questions
    Rabies, Distemper,Kennel Cough Nasal Drops, Fecal Test, Blood Test for Heart Worms! What a day! Rabies is good for 3 years now! What would all this cost where you are living?
1-5 of 5 Results