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  1. Grooming
    I purchased the 80-minute Jodi Murphy instructional DVD. It ranks right up there with Rory's backpack carrier in best Havanese-related buying decisions I've made. Read my complete review here. There's also an exclusive preview so you can get a sense of the instruction, content, and production...
  2. General Discussion
    On Sunday January 27, Rory and I visited Seattle's K9 Fun Zone Indoor Dog Park for their Yappy Hour, a time when dogs under 25 lbs. can play together. Rory had hoped to meet Emmie and Benjamin, but was happy to meet the beautiful Diva and her lovely owner Julia (jcbpaisley). Rory was pretty...
  3. Coffee Shop
    I wish you all a year as filled with peace as this wonderful video! Happy and Peaceful 2012 to you all...Flynn, Sir Winston, Lady Mia and the kitties.:peace: Prepare to have your mind blown by this pollination video. At about 30 seconds, watch for the hummingbird turning in mid-air while...
  4. Puppy Area
    I hope I'm doing this right. I took a video of Phoebe's puppies (Brandy's brothers and sister) yesterday as they played in their room. It is on You-Tube at:
  5. Fun Photo Assignments
    My dad got this little walking plush dog from Hong Kong. It's called CJ7 from the movie CJ7. I loved that movie so he got the toy for me. Yes, I am 27, but my parents still think I am 7. Well....Momo doesn't seem to like CJ7 as much as I do. He barks at it all the time hehe. He keeps...
1-5 of 5 Results