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  1. Training Tips and Advice
    So Archer is ALMOST 6 months now. Wow, you guys said the time flies and you were right! We're doing pretty well but we are still working on loose leash walking. I'm using two techniques at the same time- I picked up one from each puppy class I went to. 1) Lure the dog using food to stay at...
  2. General Discussion
    I'm used to measuring my walks in working line German Shepherd distances (I quit, she never did.) What is a reasonable walk for a pup at 8 months, and does that distance increase over time?
  3. General Discussion
    How do you handle walking your dog in the cold weather, say teens and below? I don't have a snowsuit or booties for Sir Winston, and I don't like to walk until the middle of the day when the weather is in the teens and low 20s. However Sir Winston wants his walk twice a day! When I open the...
  4. Training Tips and Advice
    Hello, I got a Havanese puppy ( she is 15 weeks) after my responsible 8 year old daughter pleaded for a puppy endlessly. A few of her friends had recently gotten dogs (puggles, chihuhias, labordors) and after months of intense research I went with a Havanese. I love that everyone claimed how...
1-4 of 4 Results